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Daily horoscopes
30th November, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Current challenges could be so easy and obvious that you may find yourself searching for something harder. Try learning a new language or exposing yourself to a different culture. There are new places to go and new people to impress. You are feeling courageous toward someone who has been intimidating. You wont let them get the best of you. Keep your handshakes consistently firm, because you never get a second chance to make a first impression. You are playing for permanent victory.

Why are you spending so much energy living for the city? What has the city done for you lately? Too much stimulation might be taking you away from the important matters in life that you must start dealing with. Smelling the flowers might help put things in perspective. If you are trying too hard to be an insider, realize that you may really have more leverage and perspective from the outside. You are courteous and your show of commitment to a healthy environment will be well-noted by others.

Your creativity takes you to new heights. Your words sound great to your own ears, but that doesnt necessarily make them true. Someone elses spin on the facts may be more in line with objective reality. Dont be too dogmatic at home, because everyone likes equal opportunity. Take another, more careful look before you assign a chore. Relationships seem to be extremely emotional and turbulent. It is time to take things to a deeper level. Be smart about it. You are able to let yourself have a good time tonight.

Your generosity has the potential to deplete you of energy. Start looking out for number one or the sum total of everything could wind up being zero. Friends may need to be told to give you space. Retreat to your private sanctum and begin to salve yourself with whatever you need most. You dont need to worry about having a social life today. Your personal health and well-being should be your first concern. Read a book or see a movie, but find something to laugh about. Stay away from answering the phone or writing personal letters.

The richest people are those whose wealth is intangible and self-regenerating. You walk into rooms standing tall, confident that you have the power of success to take on the most challenging affairs. Your billion dollar attitude radiates heat. Everyone is eager to be your friend at this time. Lavish those you love with silly mementos and thoughtful gestures. You have the willpower to make relationships work out and your loyalty is very alluring. Give yourself some time for romance this evening.

It is so frustrating when people let you down. The only way to get things done right may be to do them yourself. You might be too efficient for your own good. Perfectionists are often lonely because they can never find the right playmates or the time to relax. Force yourself to lower your expectations of others today. You might be pleasantly surprised. A family members attempt to get your attention could annoy you, but it is only natural for you to help. Youll feel better if you do.

Oh, Libra, those you care for are in for a good day. Relationships blossom in a time of love and beauty. Libras in a couple have an emotional reawakening. Single Librans may suddenly be drawn toward an attractive person and responses are good. Talking about your feelings should come easily, as you find yourself in a safe place of peace and warmth. Try something new that will stimulate your senses. Your intuition is important right now. Believe what people tell you. Compliment those that help make your environment a better place.

Be careful of what you say at the office. Things that dont matter to you could be vitally important to someone else. Watch out for desperate people who break the rules. Taking risks with anyone you question could be very destructive. Now is not the best time for implicit trust in social contracts. Dont let people dissuade you of what you have believed in for so long. Think twice before attacking anyone who angers you. It is not a good day to go shopping.

As the day passes, the law of gravity might bring your floating party back to earth. You have not made a fool of yourself, but it might be beneficial if you try to look a little sheepish. Feign exhaustion if the attention becomes too great. People in authority might give you a hard time, while others are satisfied with polite apologies. Take note of people who try to take advantage of your hospitality. Stand up for what you believe in.

You could be feeling the big chill, that cold, wet blanket of responsible behavior smothering your burning ambitions. Others will try to help you, so you might as well put your head on someones shoulder. Method and discipline need not be your enemies. When you are able to shake off a disappointment, standard procedure helps you progress. A friend might be putting up an unnecessary boundary and you may need to come to an agreement. If time does not seem to be on your side, make plans for a better tomorrow.

In all your freewheeling playfulness, you may start something serious without recognizing what youve done. This could be okay as long as you remain committed to your morals. Your passions might fly all over and others see you as an authority on subjects close to your heart. Funny how things happen, but you could begin a trend that you thought you were following. You get credit for many accomplishments. There should be medals given for days like today.

Thank your Stars if you easily avert a potential disaster with matters of money, love or work. You are able to fly away free. After the necessary celebration, figure out how to avoid such a situation in the future. An earlier impulse to escape holds the key to a simpler and more prudent solution. People around you could be passing rumors and jealousy is obvious. Dont toss out insults in return. Things will build and you could be held responsible. Be ambiguous with your answers if you are cornered by petty gossips.

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