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Daily horoscopes
29th November, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Hopefully you got plenty of sleep last night, Aries, because you are going to need all the energy you can get today. You are highly active, and these activities probably involve other people. You may be called on to be the leader of a group without much notice. Do the best you can -- dont be too self-conscious and things should go smoothly. The line between work and play becomes a little blurred, which might not say much for getting the job done. At least you wont be bored or lonely. New ideas come easily after a brainstorming session with friends or coworkers. Make sure that everyone gets the credit if you decide to share information.

Dont get too down on yourself, Taurus. Things may appear much worse than they really are. You havent missed your last best chance, no matter how deep your sense of loss. The sooner you cheer up, the easier it will be to dream a new dream. Try looking at the positive things in your life, rather than dwelling too much on the negative. Enlist the help of a cheerful friend this evening. Going out on the town will be much more fun in a group. Try not to call too much attention to yourself by acting strange. Plan now for the weekend.

When is the last time you can actually remember learning something new, Gemini? Your mind is hungry for knowledge, so feed it today. Prepare yourself for a day of intellectual stimulation. Spend your time taking classes or enrolling in seminars about a topic of interest. Be open to new thoughts and ideas, but dont let yourself be too easily influenced. You meet someone whose opinions set you off on an entirely new train of thought. You might actually learn something new. Tonight, go out to eat at a restaurant youve never been to. Invite a family member to join you.

The Moon is in Aquarius, Cancer, so take the time to celebrate diversity. Just because you like someone doesnt stand to reason that they share your opinions on everything. Think of all you can learn by listening to someone elses experiences and thoughts. What a boring place the world would be if we were all the same. At work, take the time to think before speaking to someone you work with closely. Be careful who you blame and how you say it. Thoughtless words can damage a friendship. Use your intellect rather than your temper to respond to confusing situations.

A sense of humor is your best weapon today, Leo. The Aquarius Moon may bring some pranksters with it, so be prepared to laugh at yourself along with everyone else. You could be the butt of a practical joke at the office. Going along with it may get you the last laugh by turning the joke back on the joker. The worst thing you can do is to lose your temper. Pay attention to a romantic relationship that needs some work. If you dont confront the issues at hand, they could get out of control. Tell the truth, but use some tact to avoid hurting your partners feelings.

Your office or work area may feel like Grand Central Station, Virgo. Even though you may need to get things done, its hard to shut your door. Your friends could be part of the problem, rather than part of the solution. Tell them you will meet them for lunch if they will let you get your work done first. Set your priorities and stick with them. Try not to cancel any appointments, or you may have a hard time rescheduling them. Use the afternoon hours to reorganize an area that is becoming quite a mess. Pay close attention when filing or you may not be able to find an important document when you need it in a hurry.

Peace and harmony rule your personal life today, Libra. You enter a long, beautiful moment of perfect interaction and understanding. You suddenly realize the importance of a loved one or family member, and you want to tell them immediately how you feel. Personal differences of the recent past become meaningless. Forgiveness comes easily to you today. At the office, join forces with a creative coworker. With your intellect and their creative skills, you will no doubt create a winner. People working together have a productive day. Tonight, invite a small group of friends over for an intimate dinner party.

Things may get out of your control today, and theres nothing you can do about it, unfortunately. A little problem becomes enormous. When you feel things slipping though your fingers, try not to focus exclusively on the loss. Quiet places and comfortable routines are disturbed for reasons that are at first unclear. Try to deal with unexpected outbursts by using patience. Dont walk away from a conflict with a family member until it is resolved. Accept the blame where necessary. Asking a stranger for advice may put you in an uncomfortable situation. At home, you find an unlikely ally where you were least expecting one.

As the Moon moves through Aquarius, you will feel compelled to spread joy everywhere you go. Your smile speaks volumes, and this is before you even open your mouth. Lifting other peoples spirits is a great way to feel good about yourself. You could have a positive influence over a group of children. The best way to build a community is to open your mind and freely exchange ideas. Being a leader comes naturally to you. Volunteer to organize a charity event or be the chairperson for a national charitable organization. You may forge a lifelong friendship.

You have to be willing to lose something in order to gain something. No pain, no gain, right Capricorn? The greater the risk, the better your chances of a spectacular success -- or failure. Your high profile activities are entertaining to watch, but the outcome is not guaranteed. At least you get points for originality. Be extra attentive to money matters today. You may be especially vulnerable to schemes designed to take your money, so be on the lookout for people who dont seem trustworthy. Trust your instincts when interpreting first impressions. Plans may fall through for tonight, so have something on the back burner.

This could be the day youve been waiting for, Aquarius. The Moon is once again in your Sign, and you have glimpses of genius. Ideas and inspirations fall into your hands from out of the clear blue sky. You have the mental abilities to make magic happen by sheer force of will. Everything you undertake right now should be hugely successful. Rely on your network of friends to pull some strings for you. If you can get your idea in the door, chances are it will sell itself. Of course, your charm and charisma will be at full force should you need to call on them. Buy something extravagant for yourself tonight -- you deserve it.

You may find yourself bothered by too many people vying for your attention, Pisces. Retreat inward to the quiet center that no one else can reach. You can have adventures in your own world while sitting unobtrusively in a public place. Sometimes its necessary to play the hiding game. Look to your dreams for signs of whats ahead. Look up dream symbols and their meanings at the library or on the Internet. Start a dream journal. Tapping into your subconscious could lead you down a new path. Daydreaming about the future could leave you wanting more out of life.

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