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Daily horoscopes
28th November, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

As the Moon enters Aquarius, new positions may be open to you, Aries. Youre faced with an opportunity for advancement, but its not a gift. You must work for anything that you really want. The good news is that youre not in this alone. Others are ready and willing to help. Dont be afraid to ask the opinion of someone who has been through a similar situation. An older family member may be of significant help to you, if you are willing to give them the chance to speak their mind. Planning for the future seems unusually easy now that you have a vision.

You cant always get what you want, Taurus, just like the song says. There are some people who just refuse to bend to your will. Making an extreme gesture out of frustration would be a serious mistake. You may have to accept defeat when dealing with a stubborn family member or coworker. Walk away from what you cant change -- acceptance may be too much work. Tonight, spend some quiet time with a partner or loved one who appreciates you for who you are. Dont dwell on your differences, but instead find some common activity that you can both enjoy.

Have you been feeling a bit restless lately, Gemini? Surrender to your wanderlust. Let your feet or fingers carry you to the nearest travel agent as you investigate possible destinations and means of transport. For optimum pleasure, take along your favorite romantic partner. A good time will be had by all. Your lofty aspirations could pay off at work as well. Your plans are both cunning and practical. Use your intellect and creativity to capture the attention of an authority figure who has the power to help you change your career path. Watch out for someone new to appear in your life and knock your socks off.

Try to see yourself through the eyes of others today, Cancer. If others arent treating you well, it may be that youre putting out victim energy. Take a little more responsibility for your situation. The sooner you realize that the world doesnt owe you anything, the better off youll be. Besides, you will get more satisfaction out of earning something than having it given to you. Identify your strengths and begin to celebrate them. When working with others, make sure you make room for opinions other than your own. Try not to offend anyone by having a narrow mind.

It takes a lot to change your mind about certain topics, but someone may have more persuasive power over you than you are willing to believe. Your opinions may be written in stone, but someone else carries a powerful chisel. Dont fuss too much about things that have gone wrong. Make omelets from broken eggs and lemonade from lemons. Dont dwell too much on personal failure when asked to join a group. Other people can be surprisingly easy to work with. Brainstorming can be especially successful today, if you arent afraid to speak your mind in front of strangers.

Try not to overreact to something you hear on the radio or television. A disturbing news item starts you worrying about people that you know. Anxiety is an irritating cycle that should be broken soon for comforts sake. As the Moon moves into Aquarius, you should take advantage of your organizational skills. Find new ways to file documents and arrange furniture. Taking your mind off the major issues will free you from worrying unnecessarily. Tonight, get out of the house and have some fun. If you must stay in, distract yourself from your thoughts with a book or a movie.

Your creativity is at its best today, Libra. Your muse extends its visit. You wont have any trouble finding time to work on your favorite pastime or hobby. Today is another work-in-progress. The Aquarius Moon carries water jugs filled at the fountain of youth. You feel alive and full of energy. Everything looks beautiful, and you feel self-confident enough to tackle anything that comes your way. Rely on your intuition when making your decisions. Everything happens for a good reason, and the outcome is wonderful. You could make an important intellectual connection at tonights event.

Dealing with family members and issues will be the focus of the day. Try not to get caught up in all of the details of who did what to whom, Scorpio. You may not be the cause of all the problems around you, but you can certainly be the solution. Take some initiative, especially if no one else volunteers to do so. Try to avoid inappropriate outbursts of anger. It isnt as important to get to the bottom of the issue as it is to just get it resolved. Take the blame if necessary, and move on as quickly as possible. Let the changes begin.

Keep those lines of communication open today, Sag. Listen for the phone and check your email frequently. That call to adventure is coming any day now. Make sure you are willing to be spontaneous and drop things at a moments notice. Some things are just too good to pass up. Group activities are especially favored now that the Moon has entered Aquarius. Your spiritual and emotional well-being depends on others. You are lucky to have such good friends. Meeting new people could also be helpful to your self-esteem right now, especially if you allow yourself to be complimented.

A tight focus gets the job done, but it might undercut your ability to enjoy yourself. Try to find the right balance between management and flexibility. Watch your finances closely and avoid overspending. Tighten your budget as much as possible around the bulge of a big plan. You may need more money than you counted on for a large purchase. Let others be generous, if thats their mood. Remember to be gracious and say thank you, but dont dwell too much on a gift of love. Be wary when meeting new people. Not everyone is as trustworthy as they seem.

There isnt anything you cant fix, Aquarius. The Moon moves into your Sign and you amaze even yourself. Whether you call it a jury-rig, a kluge or chewing gum and baling wire, your impossible modification gets brilliant results. Temporary solutions allow you to move toward permanence. You are right to be amazed. Spend as much time with friends as possible. Being in a group of supporters will make you feel like you can say or do anything. Write down any ideas that come to mind now, before you forget them. There may be a moneymaker in there somewhere.

As the Moon moves into Aquarius, you have a front row seat to the workings of a vast invisible continuum. Other people may not grasp the connections between things that are immediately obvious to you. You may be able to capitalize on one or more of the ideas floating around in your head. Your dreams from last night may have significant meaning, so set some time aside to write in your dream journal. Your intuition is also quite active, so you may feel especially tuned into others. Daydreaming can open new and exciting worlds.

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