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Daily horoscopes
27th November, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

You yearn to lash back at the sources of your current pressure. Plans have gone awry, or someone has disappointed or betrayed you. A trust was broken and cant be mended. Revenge may look sweet, but theres a bitter aftertaste. Keep a level head and avoid others as much as possible. The stakes are too high to either jump ship or risk being caught raging out of control. Take courage in small successes. Repression of inappropriate anger can be a sign of great health. Failure to keep promises you have made to yourself could be devastating.

Youre happy to believe anything that is proved by irrefutable evidence. You may be on the verge of an important financial decision, and today is a good day to make it, especially if you have all the facts. Whole vistas open up when you begin to work with fresh ideas. As William Blake said, Enthusiasm is the all in all. Sticks-in-the-mud may vex you, but self-confidence and optimism settle the score. You can persevere much harder than you thought possible, and keep pushing until your goals are accomplished. By the end of the day, youll be a few steps closer to where you want to be.

Your words are strong, but your voice is a mere whisper. Theres something holding you back, and you will rest easier when you discover who or what it is. What sounds like criticism may be constructive suggestions. Obstacles and interruptions sprinkled throughout the day are likely to frustrate you. Though you may receive some flack, sometimes you need to work around the rules instead of within them. You may feel a little wishy-washy, but whats really important can wait until you are more decisive. When you do take action, be prepared to explain why.

A relationship bends under the stress of external pressures. A family crisis, money worries or unfavorable undercurrents knock things off kilter. Partners learn important lessons about one another. A more nurturing posture must be adopted, and effort should be made to walk in the others shoes. Words take on great significance, but can be misinterpreted. Sharing tender feelings now is as important as getting your point across. The more time you put into something that really matters, the greater the benefit for all.

Greatness is measured by opinion polls, not by press releases. A willingness to relinquish a nagging animosity paves the way for a deeper understanding. Reach out to other people rather than waiting for them to come to you. You may know a lot, but you can always learn more. The Moon in Capricorn favors creative activity where work matters are concerned. Settle for pleasing some of the people some of the time, rather than winning universal adoration. Your hospitable actions show your true colors. Random and selfless acts of kindness receive more intangible rewards.

Your efforts finally produce tangible results. With your success comes excitement about your future. Every completion includes part of another beginning. If youre centered spiritually and psychologically, you can enter new realms with awareness and enjoyment. It is time to play with ideas and let them bubble up and over. With so much communication energy, the time is ripe for concentrating on connections. These could come in the form of steamy emails, humorous memos or sharp business proposals. Share your perceptions with someone influential, or maybe put them in writing for a wider audience.

The Capricorn Moon helps you out with drive and focus, but the initial decision is still up to you. Its not like you to be too pushy, but you may have to stand your ground if you want to save face. The home front is not feeling like a safe haven. Family members have hidden agendas that you may never be privy to. Instead of feeling on the fringe, show a loved one some compassion for their need for privacy. A long-postponed task may not really be such a big deal after all. Tying up loose ends today may present you with an opportunity to start something more exciting tomorrow.

Everyone has a great time talking, but not much gets done. Plugging in to the sources of power could offer some promising business opportunities. The networking you do in the process may prove very intriguing. The thrill of the chase is far more important than whatever happens afterward. Daring to put your hat in the ring will grant you priceless favors. You can be bold and expressive when presenting your ideas while knowing that transformation comes from breaking with tradition. You take a certain smug delight in stirring up controversy.

Nostalgia for your glory days slows you down with the weight of memories. If you could relive the past as an observer rather than as a participant, it might seem less glorious. Consider the possibility that you may have rose colored glasses on when it comes to your past. Being honest with yourself is the first step to improving your future. Tyranny is an inside job. Freedom from guilt and regret comes from acceptance and becoming one with your lifes mission. Review the strides you have taken toward personal growth and think about how you can continue to make beneficial changes.

Friends and associates are in the welcome habit of coming to you for answers. Your wisdom is legendary, and so is your generosity. You are well aware of the ego boost that comes from being a great philanthropist. Go easy on yourself. Theres no law saying you have to do everything at once. Rethink your priorities, and use your brilliant strategies on yourself. Placing importance on matters close to home brings harmony. Personal possessions may be accumulating at an alarming rate. Passing things on or giving them away produces a refreshing sense of freedom.

Discipline is your best friend these days. All the genius in the world is of little use without research, development and marketing. What you seem to be lacking in intellectual intensity can be compensated for with dogged perseverance. Turn on your psychic antenna, but dont be too surprised if the messages you are picking up are in code. Being in the dark has its perks. What you dont know cant hurt you. Dont waste precious time trying to figure everything out. Make your plans and act on them without delay. If you arent decisive, something important could slip through your fingers.

Family, friends and coworkers seem vital to your well-being. Avoid participation in games of triangulation. You crave someones undivided attention, but feel self-conscious when you get it. Think more in terms of equality in relationships rather than someone having the upper hand and calling all the shots. Taking a back seat and observing will, however, serve you well. Your part in group participation may well be the feedback you can provide from careful examination. Sincerity doesnt mean saying what you think people want to hear. Strengthen your bonds with a show of heartfelt affections.

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