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Daily horoscopes
26th November, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

You may feel like Sysyphus, always rolling the same rock up the same hill. You are under no injunction from the gods to perform this task eternally. Instead of giving up, wait a day or so until the Moon has left Capricorn. Put in a little more effort at home to assuage tensions. You have the ability to be a peacemaker. You might slip and make a few mistakes when it comes to romance. Figure out what you are doing wrong and let the one you love know you are working at making things better.

Do you have a map around? This is a day to go places, and if the map is nowhere to be found, getting lost is not such a bad idea for Taurus. You could use a day of spontaneity. You could launch a new idea, climb the corporate ladder or run with the wolves. The best risks are the ones based on your deeply held principles. A teacher type of person enlightens you to a new way of thinking. Although it is not often easy for the Bull, try to be open-minded, or at least fake it.

Trust and goodwill are dubious propositions. If you are not handling someone elses money, dont start. Stick to your morals when asked by an authority figure to engage in a project with which you are uncomfortable. Volunteer for a task that will not call your motives into question. A hidden agenda leads to confusion. There could be something brewing with family members who might want to sit and have a talk with you soon. Make sure all your bases are covered and you will ease their worries.

You could encounter some turbulence in a personal relationship. Competition and confusion could take you full circle. The many different ways to say the same thing increase the likelihood of your being misunderstood. Consider taking your time and writing down anything you want someone close to you to understand. If possible, avoid business deals over the phone. You need to meet with people personally today so that no silliness creeps into your business. Get some cleaning done at home tonight -- it will help you sort out any troubles that might be on your mind.

Your new system is now in place. Stop tinkering with the mechanism and take your creation out for a test run. You have the enthusiasm, Leo, to help you succeed in whatever it is on which you have your mind. You need to stop waiting for something to happen, and just go out and do it. Having invested all this time in enhancing your efficiency, you should start seeing results. Listen to the advice of those with less experience than you -- you will be surprised by what you hear.

You find special delight in sticking to your leisure routine, but when it comes to business, let your mind wander into uncharted realms, driven along by a comforting rhythm. Others come to depend on your innovations. Your hands, fingers and toes feel like dancing. Get out and partake in some exercise that you enjoy. Be clever with children and you will feel like a wise Buddha on top of a hill. If you are single, you may meet someone through work. Virgo, you are in for a great day.

Things may not be working out as you had hoped, Libra. If you are feeling less powerful than usual, concentrate on regaining your healthy glow and drink lots of water. Cope with boredom and feelings of disappointment that you might experience by doing something nice for yourself. Make a stop at a flower shop. Address your nesting impulse with art or plants for your home. Dont try too hard to make this day full of delight. Settle for a steady calm.

You impress even if you are not feeling impressive. Slow and clear speech delivers your words with maximum effect. If you are feeling a little tired, all you need is a good nap to help you regain your pizzazz. You have been putting in much effort to a project and it is finally complete. A payoff is not immediately obvious, but it could be big when it arrives. Communicating with words at home may not be necessary, but your actions will be noted.

Ambition continues as your driving force. You have no difficulty staying focused on the things that interest you. The results of your labor begin to appear. Make your own lunch. You might be looking for love in all the wrong places. If you are single, this could mean that someone on whom you have a crush in the working world may not be a great match for you. If you are in a relationship, you may need to work on expressing your love and how to make a connection stronger.

Your plans could be working exactly as you hoped they would. Today you get promising feedback from casual bystanders and those directly affected. Be sincere with your appreciation -- you dont want someone to think you are not grateful. Your energy level surprises you and feels like it could go on forever, so be careful not to wear yourself out. You are ready to take on a new responsibility at home. Dont be too protective of those you love. You will be reminded of what it means to be committed.

The Capricorn Moon fills you with a sense of discipline that you may find to be out of character. Do not trifle with the rules. Someone of authority might be watching your every move. Keep yourself out of trouble. Make sure your head is up and be confident with your actions. Do something for someone elses sake, even if it seems unimportant to you. You are patiently waiting for something to change. What you are hoping for isnt likely to be coming to you immediately, however. You will probably have to help the process along.

How you love to fantasize, Pisces. The Capricorn Moon gives your dreamy nature a practical, objective edge. This is a good time for friendships and solidarity in some greater cause. You may now collect on favors that others owe you. You should consider your position in a group decision and figure out if you are really making a difference. If not, move on to something else. You need to be using your time wisely.

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