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Daily horoscopes
25th November, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Stay on your toes. Its an easy day to be clean and sober when your ambitions drive you further afield than usual. Since when are you afraid to venture into unusual places? Pushing out the borders of your empire requires a quick and present state of mind. Taking care of your body will heighten your reaction time and speed up your comebacks. A double shot of well-being is your reward for a good workout. When your mental and physical states are in tune, you are exponentially powered for a dynamite day. Inquisitive gestures lead you to unexpected pots of gold.

You have the faculty to charm those around you for the next few days. The only thing that might get in the way is your impatience to have everything go your way. You will be able to penetrate the surface of your differences and find the similarities underneath. A truce may not be as satisfying as a sweep, but the payoffs are far greater in the long run. Allow yourself to be fascinated by someone from a foreign country or enjoy attending a concert of ethnic music. This is a good time to relax and play, as business dealings of any kind may be unclear and a bit tricky.

Its just as well that events leave you speechless -- words could ruin the moment. That loquacious side is beginning to see the benefit of silence. You feel strongly attracted to someone very different from yourself. If you are in a partnership, you may be thrown a curve. Perspectives could shift wildly, and you will wonder why you ever became involved with this person in the first place. By the end of the day, you will have traveled the spectrum and come full circle. Ambivalent feelings may be uncomfortable, but perseverance shows your willingness to communicate.

Are you feeling torn between socializing with many and isolating yourself with a select few? The Moon in Sagittarius may be the cause. It would like you to be experiencing the external world, and you may not want to be bothered at the moment. The opportunity may arise to be a do-gooder, and you may find it difficult to say no. Paying attention to family members could have a positive outcome. Just be sure you balance your selfless actions with some self-nurturing. Obstacles may appear out of nowhere. Answers to difficult questions bubble up from a deep source within.

A Sagittarius Moon makes your romantic adventures bigger and better than you could have hoped. It is truly a day to take advantage of all your talents and abilities. Spread your peacock feathers, take yourself to the ball and say yes to everything within reason. Taking insane chances may seem like a rational course of action. The sign reads Follow Your Heart and its blinking in neon just for you. Be alive and spontaneous, Lion, and your improvisations will become spellbound soliloquies. Whoever wrote your script for today deserves an award.

Stress may seem like an unavoidable wall of insurmountable barriers. You may have numerous responsibilities that you cannot sidestep. You may feel rushed and anxious about completing the list that must be done. The realization that you cannot do five things at once is a painful one. Pushing yourself will just cause you to have to backtrack and amass more work for yourself later. If you dare to take a risk or implement a new outlook, things may not seem so hectic. A small break in your routine could set up the tasks in a more favorable light.

All knowledge seems to flow from a single source, judging by the ease of todays conversations. Even the most idealistic notions bathe in a pool of possibilities. Your stability allows a partner to relax and take care of personal business. When you are in touch with greater forces, you have so much more of yourself to share. When you are giving of yourself with this kind of support, the abundance comes back to you in greater quantities than you ever imagined. All it takes is relinquishing control and putting your faith in a larger power.

Your personal mode of operation may be influenced by a philosophy foreign to you. This can be beneficial if you take what you need out of it. A compromise will be available to you so that you dont lose out entirely to a more forceful opinion. You may be caught up in the moment and act impulsively where money is concerned. You are no stranger to rash spending. Though another may try to convince you to take a great risk, resist your own desire to show off. Your best interests are in your own hands, and sometimes the only person to really comprehend the full scope of your situation is you and you alone.

Plan for a happy, fast-paced day. You are able to juggle a lot of balls in the air. The world is your oyster, and the horizon beckons with come-hither laughter. Those who have threatened to rain on your parade in the past are unexpectedly cooperative now. Whoever happens to cross your path will feel the warmth you radiate. People admire you when you lighten up and see the glass as half full. Your passport may be renewed swiftly, but even if not, you will charm and entertain everyone else waiting in line.

Wake up and smell the coffee. What you have put on the back burner is boiling over. This is a good time to evaluate what is going on around you, but not in a hurried or rushed fashion. Leave things on simmer while you slowly sit and do some careful thinking. The recipe for the next few days is two teaspoons discipline, four teaspoons planning. If you are feeling bottled up, practice a familiar creative outlet, or try something that has an element of pure joy within. Transformations start with small steps and are achieved through perseverance.

Growth is the word for the day. You will be instrumental in illuminating a lesson, and in the process will learn something valuable about yourself. Others will look to you for innovative ideas on a large scale, and you can deliver. Because of your expansive nature, you can be influential without even trying. Humility and personal presence makes you very popular and coveted. Your dance card is filling up and more partners than you expected might vie for your attention. The clock is striking midnight, and even though you dont have to leave the ball, make sure you thank your hosts.

Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil. If you can just shut out the external world and spend some time with a compassionate friend, you may find peace of mind for the next few days. Take a low profile, or play hooky if you think you can get away with it. This is one of those days when you should stay in bed, but that doesnt mean you have to be idle. A lot can be accomplished just by sitting still and listening to the silence. The pace of the world may be highly irritating and flashy. Find relief in the mundane, comfort in the predictable and solace in simplicity.

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