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Daily horoscopes
24th November, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Your career is bound to suffer as you try to sort out your personal affairs, Aries. Distractions are all around you and your focus is starting to wane. Your confusion will intensify if you are unable to find its source.

Your reputation will give you the leverage you need today, Taurus. It is nice to be able to rely on your laurels, but this won't last forever. Stop looking for something you can't find; it may not even be there.

Now is not the time to go with the flow, Gemini. You must be willing to head out on your own and find some new surroundings. If you show confidence and leadership, others will surely follow.

Your best intentions may be the source of annoyance to someone else today, Cancer. Not everyone sees the same solution as you do. Be willing to compromise if you want to keep everyone satisfied.

Do not expect good things to last forever, Leo. If you have things exactly as you want them you will be unprepared for change. Avoid attracting too much attention to yourself this evening.

Take a new approach to a difficult problem and you may find an easy solution. Looking at something under a different light will reveal a new picture. Others are starting to vie for your time and attention.

Allow your mind to be imaginative and you will know no limits. There is much to be accomplished, but you must be thinking clearly and creatively. You are starting to solve an intriguing mystery.

It is time to cut old ties and move ahead on your own, Scorpio. You are loyal, and rather sentimental, but these feeling will only hinder your performance. You can't drag everyone along behind you forever.

You have made a favorable impression on an influential person, Sagittarius. This could lead to a career change or an increase in your paycheck. Work hard at keeping your momentum going.

Someone is starting to question your loyalty, Capricorn, and this could have a very negative effect on your career. Be careful of who you share your opinions with. You will get in return the same amount of commitment you give to another person.

If you believe strongly enough in the cause, you must be willing to make a major sacrifice. There are some difficult decisions to make today and they may affect you personally. If you have the energy, then go the extra mile.

Keep focused on improving your family relations, Pisces. A little extra effort over the next few days will pay off in the long-term. The tempo is starting to increase in your life, so be ready for a little more action.

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