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Daily horoscopes
17th October, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

You prefer to be alone, but you may not have the luxury of solitude. Be civil to those around you. Open yourself to the possibility of change that a new point of view might bring. With that kind of inspiration, you could break out of whatever rut you may find yourself in. Things get moving faster once you put your energy into starting them. Need more resources? Ask for them today or tomorrow and youre most likely to get at least part of what you need. Clever Rams know how to make do without the rest.

An all-too-familiar set of priorities forces its way to the front of the line. What else can you do but deal with them? Your personal life may have to take precedence over what others expect of you. Try to be patient if someone still cannot accept a polite excuse. You cant work all the time, although you may feel tempted to wrap your routine around you for comfort. Better yet, do something to improve your mind. How long has it been since you set foot in an art museum?

Its a rare day when you find someone who thinks exactly the way you do. And when you find such a kindred spirit, your other obligations may not seem as important as spending time together. Not all new friendships are romantic prospects, but its hard to ignore that thought. Many possibilities remain unexplored. You may feel inspired to start something that you cant finish. Is that so bad? Maybe youll lay the foundation for someone else to build on.

Some aspect of your life is begging to have balance restored. Start by looking around your room to see what may be out of place. What can you do to make changes? Your loved ones cant be the only ones responsible for the challenges youre facing. Take an active approach to fixing what has gone awry. An unnoticed detail has large consequences until you correct it. A lover or close friend may have different ideas on how to mend things -- listen before you judge.

Everyone is polite, sincere and eager to please. The differences between friends and lovers may be minimal. In fact, you may find yourself discovering new feelings about someone in your circle of friends. This could complicate things if you currently have a sweetheart -- or if your friend does. The way the words flow from your lips makes you the life of the gathering. This would be an excellent time for business if you could find anyone who felt like discussing it.

Dont confuse success with all the standard symbols for it. How do you define achievement? Thats the only measure that matters. The machine of consumerism is playing on your emotions, trying to seduce you at every opportunity. Tempting as it is to give in, an impulse buy usually brings regret later. Evaluate your situation on its deeper merits so you can put a setback into the proper perspective. Strike up a meaningful conversation with someone dear to you.

The presence of love brings an exciting energy that allows for endless possibility. Your positive emotions let you transcend the limits of existing obligations, money or the lack of it -- even time. You cant help being who you are and everyone loves you for it. If youre ever going to ask that intriguing friend-of-a-friend out on a date, nows the time to take action. Attached Libras will want to arrange a romantic encounter with your sweethearts to get back in touch with each other. Your senses come alive.

A supposedly random act comes out looking as if youd planned it all along. Maybe it wasnt as spontaneous as you thought. Have you paid attention to your dreams lately? Your subconscious might have a message for you -- and sometimes these things take on surprising forms. Leave others to struggle with the details as you move ahead. You are the tool of some greater mystery which may mean letting someone else make the final decision. Use this experience for all its worth.

Your thoughts are welcome among a group of people hungry for inspiration. It seems like theyre bogged down in the detail. Speak up -- you are well aware of the big picture, and whats more, you can convey the image to those who remain confused. They look to you for answers even though your independent spirit doesnt always play well with the groups goals. You discover a creative and perfectly legal way around a pesky obstacle. Everyone likes a thinker. If given time to prepare, you can win them all to your side.

You might be much happier if you knew when to quit. If you cant see the clues, ask a trusted friend or coworker for an honest opinion. Believe it or not, there are some people who have no need for you or for what youre selling. Being a good sport looks much better on your permanent record than holding on to something out of sheer stubbornness. Wait a little while before you tackle a difficult issue with someone in power. Not only will you be more rested, youll have some time to think about how to approach the problem.

Words are your currency or perhaps an electric current. You may not be able to stop talking but thats okay -- everything you say educates and delights those around you. People look to you for energetic answers to their questions. Your imagination is working overtime to keep up with your knowledge base and the ideas that were mere dreams yesterday may suddenly become concrete. The last person you would have expected to see could be first in line for your free advice. What are you going to say?

Your day may be eaten up by a set of problems that refuse to go away. It happens to everyone once in a while, Fish, so try not to let it upset you too much. Just because something is undesirable doesnt make it impossible. Other people might be imperfect, but they do mean well. If their words are no comfort, just focus on the affection behind them. An ambiguous smile may be your best shield. Admit that you even enjoy creating a little mystery around yourself.

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