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Daily horoscopes
21st November, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Long-term investments made today will turn out to be quite favorable to you, Aries. They do not necessarily have to be financial investments. They may be investments in your personal relationships.

There is someone around you who wants what you have. He or she will go to desperate measures to attain it and both of you may get hurt as a result. You are sending some strong signals to others, so try to keep them positive.

Hopefully you are still analyzing your current romantic situation, Gemini. There are some major decisions to be made and the sooner you make them the better. You do not want to get stuck in an unfulfilling relationship.

Be at ease with yourself, Cancer, and accept your recent actions. Dwelling on past indiscretions will not change what you have done. It is time to learn from your mistakes and move on.

You will have a great influence on others today, Leo; so make sure your message is positive and sincere. First impressions will be very important. Trust your instincts and act accordingly.

Everything is starting to go your way, Virgo, and you have found a new source of energy. Keep the momentum going and let your body and mind flourish. Now is not the time to begin a new relationship, though.

If you want to prove your capabilities to others, it may be time to flex your muscles. Leave no doubt in their mind that you can accomplish the task with ease. You are willing to sink or swim just to prove your point.

Your enthusiasm is refreshing and contagious, Scorpio, but keep it under control. Not everyone will be inspired by your seemingly limitless energy. It could lead to some resentment being felt towards you.

You have a new admirer, Sagittarius, and his or her identity may finally be made known. It could be someone you have known for quite some time. Be careful not to cause any ill feelings.

It is not your nature to let anything go without a fight, Capricorn. But sometimes you must be prepared to part with something dear to you. Rid yourself of the illusion that you do not deserve the best.

Your financial situation may get you into some trouble today, Aquarius, so avoid making any major purchases. Keep your money in the bank for the next few days. There is no use throwing it all away.

This is an ideal time to iron out conflicts with friends and coworkers. Your petty squabbles and the spreading of gossip are hurting your reputation. It is time to form new, stronger bonds with your acquaintances.

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