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Daily horoscopes
18th November, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Ignore the superstition that tells you not to speak of a good thing. Too many people let the moment pass without living it to its fullest potential. Dole out compliments as they cross your mind and you will make more than one persons day. They hold your words close to their heart. By affirming a relationship, you make it work even better. Communication opens up a whole new world where you share a vulnerability that strengthens your bonds. Words come much closer to their meanings today.

You want to surge ahead, but something is dragging you back. You feel tied down even though there is no physical rope to be found anywhere. Your mind holds the strings that are pulling you back. Release a few to see how it feels, but be wary of stepping fully away from the dock. The water may be deep enough to be overwhelming. The Gemini Moon may be nudging you toward doing something uncharacteristically impulsive. If possible, try to avoid making decisions surrounding financial matters.

You can promise anything right now, even things beyond your ability to deliver -- just be wary of leaving anyone in the lurch if you fail to deliver. The audience is rooting for you in a way that gives you confidence in all that you undertake. In fact, others find you seductive and ultimately persuasive. The spotlight of attention conceals your flaws rather than revealing them, even when the light is at its brightest. The flaws that you do know exist keep you human, and your abilities allow you to keep on shining.

You may not have made any big mistakes yet, but theres always a first time. You have, however, had enough training with the small ones that a big one shouldnt knock you off of your feet. Study your subject and be ready to recite on demand. Make sure that you understand the words that flow out of your mouth rather than ignoring their true meanings. The coming change certainly wont catch you off guard, although you wont want to welcome it with entirely open arms. It allows you to grow in a new direction.

Its better to prepare than to be pushed, unprepared, into a new situation. Consider all of the alternatives and give each and every situation your best read. You become well-versed in a variety of writings. Know that you have more options in a single week than many people have in a lifetime. Be sure not to let them slip by without realizing the impact that you could have. Your life has the potential to go in so many exciting directions. Theres a moral to the story that someone is telling you. Take the time to figure out how it can be applied.

You may still feel the stirring of an old rhythm that has already ceased. It may have once made you happy and is now serving to haunt you. Dont let go of it fully, but break with the past if it makes you unhappy. There is much new music to be made and its up to you whether you are the conductor or just a member of the orchestra -- or perhaps youre looking to start up an alternative band. The influence of the Gemini Moon on your life is up to you, as you have the ability to determine whether your day will be good or bad.

This is your moment as the ultimate social creature. You find that you have a knack for conversing with anyone and that most scenes fit your mood. Your cup overflows in your attempts to help others fill theirs. Anything that you spill serves to satiate a thirst deep within you. Not a drop is wasted and your efforts are much appreciated. All the best parts of your identity float freely to the surface for everyone to see. It makes for a fantastic way to relax and spend the day.

Physical discomfort does nothing for your mood, which could be leaning toward the grumpy side. Try to put yourself at ease by resolving whatever is currently causing you distress. Youre probably not feeling terribly receptive to change at the moment, but beware of getting stuck in a rut because you worry about what the unknown holds. It could be as wonderful as it is scary. Find something that makes you laugh and see if that helps to lift your spirits. Let out your apprehension with your smile, which could be the gate to the other side.

You cant have everything, at least not all at the same time. There would be no way to enjoy what was occurring if you were trying to juggle with all of your balls in the air. Set your sights on a few items of priority. Let one thing slide through your hands to make room for something better. It wont crash to the floor -- but if it does, perhaps someone else can become its caretaker. Your life is a moving picture, not a collection of stills, so start writing an exciting script. Leave the ending undetermined.

Think twice before you indulge in gossip. Delving into the rumor circle may leave you feeling quite lonely as a result of spreading your words too thinly. Make sure that the truth is in the forefront of the stories that you tell, especially when it involves other peoples reputations. Too many widely held beliefs are already set in weak foundations of incomplete evidence. Palm prints set in concrete are not even enough. Your day could be devoted to clearing the air rather than muddying the waters.

The company that you keep makes all the difference in your world. The crowd decides when it is most appropriate to cheer, especially if you dont quite understand the rules of the game. You have just as much right as anyone to become the team captain. The direction that you lead requires a whole cast of characters that bring different strengths to the table. The same old story feels like a completely new adventure when it happens to you. Live in the moment and let your memory record it for posterity.

The message arrives, but no one can understand the messenger. Remember that although they dont speak your language, you dont speak theirs either. It makes for an interesting interaction. New information may or may not have anything to do with your private vision of a perfect world. It could, though, provide you with clues that help you further define your utopia. This is a time to include others in your process. Their ideas could spark your creativity.

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