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Daily horoscopes
16th November, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Your energy is focused, enabling you to have a crystal clear sense of what needs to be done and how best to do it. Wise use of your time will help you stay ahead of the game. Whenever a hole appears in your busy schedule, use it to prepare for the next step. Youre charging ahead under the influence of the Taurus Moon and moving faster than everyone else. Instead of giving in to frustration, enjoy your lead! You have too much energy and too much to accomplish to spend your down time in idle relaxation. Think about the obvious rewards of staying ahead of the pack.

The Taurus Moon brings you down to earth and lets you wrap the world in your embrace. Barriers and inhibitions crumble beneath the force of your charisma. Even some of your closest friends have never seen you this way. There has never been a better time for you to be in the spotlight. Everybody loves you right now and finds your benignly mischievous attitude highly entertaining. Your jokes are funny and your suggestions are taken seriously. You could make great strides toward your financial concerns -- or in your social life. Use the power of Venus to attract romance this evening.

Resist the urge to be flighty, Gemini. Focus and concentrate on one thing at a time and enjoy the down-to-earth energy of the Taurus Moon. You may feel slightly run-down mentally and physically. A little self-pampering and nutritious food can go a long way toward turning teeth-grinding tension into a relaxed smile. Remember that nobodys perfect. If you slip, youll probably make it look as if it was part of your act. However, now that you have their attention, youll have to be really careful about what you do. An urgent message, fearfully approached, turns out to be good news after all. Be gracious as you reach out to seize the prize.

The world is a loving place under the Taurus Moon. People are eager to take care of you, and youre happy to return the favor. Share your love with special friends and family. A powerful idea rises to the surface and demands immediate, brilliant action. Your unique ideas are well-received and supported as you start to carve out a niche for yourself. The Taurus Moon gives you enough charm to make you a credible leader. Your talents might be wasted if your schedule does not include at least some social activity today. If you need an excuse to socialize, nothing beats a good meal enjoyed with friends!

Your life starts flowing smoothly as a cosmic traffic jam slowly sorts itself out. Theres more to the idea of value than the almighty dollar sign. Look deeply at what really makes the world go round. Remember that dealing with people means dealing with many different opinions. Learn to work with authority instead of against it. Finish projects before you start new ones and pay attention to how long it takes you to finish things. Are you causing the backlog or is it coming from somewhere else in the system?

When you finally make a move for closure, new openings present themselves almost immediately. Restless minds dance around one another in synergistic ecstasy. You may find special joy in research and testing and youre quick to share new developments with colleagues. The more you know, the more you want to know. The Taurus Moon sends you on a quest for all the data that your brain can hold. Your single-minded pursuit could become all-consuming. Be sure to stop and eat properly.

Yes, Libra -- you are beautifully magnetic under the influence of Venus, but youve noticed that even your perfection can get a bit boring. You may be becoming restless again, hungry for something new. Begin with a small helping until youre sure you like whats being served! Your diet should include things that will keep you alert and motivated. Joint assets and belongings may have somehow become a large issue and you may not particularly feel like sharing. Blunt honesty comes at a most inconvenient time. It would be much better to practice subtlety in your search for the bottom line during this period.

With the Moon in Taurus, security is a key issue for you right now. You may feel especially nervous about money and shared resources. Dont despair, as your input into every situation has more effect on the outcome than you realize. Your intense, competitive nature may cause friction with partners and associates, causing direct conflict with those holding opinions different from your own. Flexibility, negotiation and compromise are the keys to success today. A change in plans is part of a larger pattern rather than a personal attack. Take care to know the difference.

Weighed down by the earthy influence of Taurus, you may feel that your freedom-loving ways are constricted. When dealing with a very opinionated associate today, try to stay emotionally uninvolved and levelheaded. You will probably find that in spite of your best creative logic, you cannot change their mind, no matter what. Details and small tasks may be piling up on your desk, things you absolutely cant get out of doing. Roll up your sleeves, sit down and get to work so you can do something useful. Fun will just have to wait. With you around, there will always be another time and other great reasons to celebrate!

This should be a great day for Capricorns! You will have the energy to achieve just about anything today your concentration is good and others will give you the respect you so deserve. Love takes second place to work in your world, but today Venus is offering you a special 3-for-1 deal! Its a perfect opportunity to combine romance, fun and creativity. Loosen your staid Capricorn grip on rationality and let some magic into your life. Plan to have dinner at your favorite restaurant with someone special. The only thing you stand to gain is a chance at long-term happiness!

Its hard to keep a straight face if things fall apart. You knew that this would happen, even if not quite so soon. Trouble comes naturally to your doorstep. The reality of your situation demands that you be flexible right now. If youre going to make a foolish mistake, be sure to do it in private! The public eye could be sharp and unforgiving right now. Theres no escape from an uncomfortable conversation. Sit still, stay calm and face the music. Once youre done speaking your truth, listen to other points of view. You may find that you have learned much from this experience.

This is a good day for Pisces. People are listening to what you have to say, so make the most of it. Knowledge is enhanced by a great understanding of what others need or are trying to communicate. You instinctively know how to treat your friends, somehow reading between the lines to grasp the meaning. Try out your interpretive skills on people in desperate need of a mediator. Look to the past for examples of how to proceed in the future.

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