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Daily horoscopes
15th November, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Spend some time with some kids and participate in a creative activity. Volunteer to work at the local school or day care center if you dont have kids of your own. It will be a lot of fun! This is a romantic, fun-loving, high energy day for the Ram. Enterprising folks will have excellent persuasive abilities today. If you are a salesperson, youll be able to make that sale. Creativity and charm brought by the Moon in Leo can put ideas into action. This is a great day for romance, so try to spend time with that special someone.

With the Moon in Leo, today may be one of those days when everyone wants different things. Remain flexible and patient otherwise, you may lose ground in a power struggle. Compromise may prove to be highly beneficial, especially when it comes to issues at home. This is not a day to be self-righteous and arrogant. Give a little to get a lot and be tolerant of other peoples mistakes. Go out and have some fun with your family tonight they need some quality time with you. Go out to a movie together or a family restaurant.

You are able to help others communicate at this time. If youve been having problems talking to a close friend or partner, now is the time to try to reach them. By being alert and perceptive, you will be the one who gets the two who arent speaking back together. You will have lots of energy and lots of faith. The term inspiration might apply! Tonight, go and hang out with like-minded people, even if only in a chat room. Someones suggestions may help you put ideas in motion.

This is a good time to remember the future and the bills it sometimes brings. If you dont see too many looming numbers, today could be the perfect day to splurge on the luxury item of your choice! No bargain bin items for you today. However, if you need to stick to your budget, dont be talked into extravagant purchases. Make sure you are getting a good investment or that the item is worth it. You know you deserve it, but you want to make your money grow, not evaporate. Try to buy a classic that will increase in value.

Today the Lion is permitted to take a long siesta, sensually lounging the afternoon away. Pleasure is energizing you rather than dissipating your energy. Those around you will be drawn to your warmth and radiance. In any arena, you are a force to be reckoned with today. Creativity is especially favored, so spend some time painting, drawing, writing or making something beautiful in some form. If you dont have the materials, at least view some art at a museum or gallery to inspire you. If you have been trying to break an annoying habit, you will likely have extra willpower.

You may find that you are almost at your wits end and not sure of how to handle any more stimulation. If this is the case, time spent completely alone might help to relieve any feelings of irritation that you might be experiencing. There is a lot going on around you and it has the potential to be a bit overwhelming. Too many overbearing people are out there and they all want their own way. If you can, take a break and try to ignore their demands. Stay flexible and avoid slipping into a stance that is too stiff and unyielding.

People will see you as a leader they want to follow. Be honest and faithful and others will be attracted to you or your cause. Other people may be looking to you to help them sort out their emotional heartaches and worries. You will probably be even more objective and fair than usual and thus, better able to offer valuable insight. You have great counseling skills, so go ahead and use them. Try to see the bigger picture and dont get lost in the details.

You may suspect malice in what appears to be just an accident. Try to stay away from authority figures today, including your boss. The day is ripe for ego clashes and power struggles. Keep your head down and look busy! Dont attract attention. This is not the time to ask for a raise, even though you deserve one. An obscure tradition or code of ethics could prove to be the basis for an incomprehensible obstacle. This may be a very stressful day. Perhaps you can hide in the shelter of anothers arms.

This is a great day for the Archer! Creativity is highlighted, and with the Moon in Leo, your energy will be high and many tasks can be accomplished. Whether you write, paint or sculpt, you will be inspired to complete that project. You are the center of attention, the social butterfly at the moment, so enjoy! Spread your good cheer, humor and optimism to others who may be in need of a good laugh. Be sure to smile, since all eyes will be on you, Sagittarius!

Watch for tension with others. Someone may hold their own opinion in very high regard, though it may not necessarily be the right one. Trying to persuade them otherwise may prove difficult. Be careful when sharing resources someone may feel they are more deserving and that others are too demanding. Someone may try to trick you, so watch for the worst in business. Dont take things at face value. Others may be trying to keep things hidden from you, so consult experts before making any investments. Get a second opinion on everything from a financial transaction to a home improvement contract.

Watch for legal issues. The law may not be on your side and it doesnt seem fair. With the Moon in Leo, there is no use in getting into a power struggle. The way to act is to treat others how you wish to be treated, and it might not seem so bad. The problem seems to be that everyone involved seems greatly attached to their fixed position. Keep calm and be cooperative. Try to work out a compromise with which everyone will win. Use your creativity to hammer out a solution. Then go out tonight with friends and celebrate!

Its a good day to start a new health program. Others may seek your help, as they often do. At this time, however, you may not be as available as you thought. Try not to overexert yourself. You may need to strike a balance between helping others and helping yourself. Your generosity can lead you to be too giving at times, to the point that you neglect your own needs. Take time today to reflect upon your own needs and avoid getting involved in other peoples dramas.

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