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Daily horoscopes
14th November, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Your always abundant energy could be a little misdirected today and you may not have enough constructive outlets. Avoid becoming impatient with those closest to you. Work on yourself if consumed by the need to tear down and rebuild. You can get a lot done today, so try channeling your impulses toward completing unfinished business. Try cooking that special meal youve been meaning to create and invite a friend, or give the house a good cleaning and be proud in a job well done. If all else fails, go for a run or a long walk.

Even if you dont have a long-lost member of the family, this is a good day to reaffirm the bonds with those closest to you. Deals and investments are favored today. A companionable dinner is food for the soul. Reach out and invite some friends to your home. If you are single, this is a good time to connect with that interesting person youve noticed. Take a chance and speak first -- you might be pleasantly surprised by the result. Conversation flows easily into the personal and youve got stars in your eyes.

You could be wearing your heart on your sleeve today. You may need a dose of Thomas Paines Common Sense. Logic runs slightly behind emotions. With the right interpretation and direction, this could be a day of great achievements. Watch for family members who might be moody if they dont get what they want. Think before making any decisions regarding finances, but dont be too tied to an over-strict budget. Keep the facts in mind but consider the heart of the matter first.

The Moon is still in your own Sign and this may have you howling tonight. You may also appear kind of goofy to others, which will attract them to a side of you they havent seen before. Now is the time to let your hair down and celebrate yourself. Your energy is at its peak so its a great time to initiate new projects and put plans into motion. Be assertive with your ideas and they will be acknowledged and appreciated. In fact, you may find yourself in the spotlight! Your intuition is speaking to you especially keenly today, so listen to what it has to say.

This could be a day of risky business for you, with the Sun and Moon balancing those male and female energies. You might feel proud of yourself, but you could just as easily get your feelings hurt. You will benefit from a session of deep thinking. A misunderstanding on someones part could interrupt the whole day, so postpone finalizing any serious agreements or contracts. Your pride might get in the way of clear thinking, so dont be too serious with others today. A short trip alone might be just the thing to pass the day.

Thomas Jefferson must have had a moment like this when he drafted the official document of the American Revolution. Today is likely to be a people-focused day for you. Organization and group activities are favored. Your leadership skills can be put to good use as you carry the discussion and formulate plans of action. You are energized by the support of everyone around you and friends come forward to assist. Your cleverness is apparent today and much appreciated by all.

Nows the time to catch up with all of those things you have been avoiding! Concentrating on getting them done with a moderate amount of energy will benefit you now. If you feel down, it will pass! Others around you may be emotionally volatile, so it is up to you to keep your head and not join in the fray. Your desire to connect with others intellectually may be disappointed, but there will be many other opportunities in the future. Be careful how fast you drive or a speeding ticket could be yours by the days end.

You are breathless with enthusiasm as today finds you off and running through a world that is almost standing still! People, dazzled by your radiance, will give you what you want. Your forward motion is the secret of your security, so dont hold back. Know what you want and it could be yours. It is time for boldness, daring adventures and meeting challenges with excitement. Your intuitive powers run strong as you dive deep in communication with others. You could win the golden ring. It is the time to begin long journeys or take a trip to someplace new.

This may be an uneasy day for people in relationships. Words and feelings come from different parts of the spectrum, blending into odd colors. Risks taken today could potentially produce unlucky results. Flexibility is the best course to follow. Avoid business dealings and keep an eye on finances. Attention to detail will avoid problems later on. Social situations could be a strain as misunderstandings are likely to occur. It might be the best time for a solitary walk or a trip alone somewhere if possible.

Fame and fortune are out there looking for a few good men and women in your field. Today is a day for high performance and high profile. Others may be overreacting, but dont take it personally. Dealing with personal issues may have to take a back seat for a time as you gear up for the challenges presented. Do you win the laurels? It could be neck-and-neck for a while with able opponents on all sides. You can just about reach out and touch the finish line.

Order seems to have gone out the window as everyone seems to have their own idea of what works. If involved in teamwork, you may feel like you can get the job done better by yourself. There may be too many leaders and not enough helpers. Retreat and take things one at a time to avoid confusion. Keep your emotions in check as they may want to get out of hand and keep your true opinions of others to yourself for today. Organize your feelings and focus on the tasks at hand. Exercise your body and calm your mind.

You are endowed with inalienable rights, among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Today is a great day for regressing to a time childhood when you didnt have to know those words to recognize the feeling. You are at your most beguiling self and an aura of fascination surrounds you. It is the time for magic and rainbows, dancing and moonlight, perfume and candles. The veils to illumination are transparent. Your clairvoyance is like a mirror which reflects all who stare into it. You are intoxicating.

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