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Daily horoscopes
13th November, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

If all humans are created equal, everyones needs are equally strong. If someone cuts in line ahead of you, dont make a scene. Count to ten and somehow distract yourself from what is happening. Its not worth the fight today. Try to avoid friction with an older family member who may have a lot on their mind. A heart-to-heart discussion could be in order. Now is the time to let everyone have their say. Feelings should be released into the open rather than squelched.

If you have ever considered simply getting rid of all that you own, now is the time to act! This is a good day to socialize over food, so get out there and network. You might find a new job. Maybe its time to move to another place. You could have a garage sale and just keep whats important to you. Find out what you need and make changes accordingly. With the Moon in Cancer, issues of how you maintain security will be at the forefront, so take a moment to ponder all that you hold dear.

Money could be an issue today. Use your best judgment as to whether you are being wise or excessively frugal. Your mind may be on all those material things that momentarily make life appear easier. You may feel a little selfish and possessive today. Try, however, to be generous with others. With the Moon in Cancer, emotions are working overtime. People may be moody if they dont get their way. You may find that if you give a little, youll receive a lot back. Dont be overly stingy. Its only money, anyway, and you cant take it with you.

The next few days should be relatively good ones during which you will have the energy and the insight to pick and choose your battles. The Moon is in your own Sign, lending you a more powerful sense of self. Make sure your plans are in order and then go for it. Its a perfect time to focus on yourself and a good time to be assertive. Dont worry you will have the strength and power to get much accomplished. Your energy level will be high. You can rest later! Now is the time to move ahead.

If your sense of self is a bit fragile, you might want to stay home. People may be playing rough out there. The surging of male and female energies could be exciting if you feel like taking the risk. Otherwise, find a quiet nook all to yourself and try stay out of the way. Dont let excessive pride enter into your day. There is a great difference between being egotistical and being confident.

Youre behind the grill today, serving up a hearty mix of whatever it is you do best. You are as dexterous with your ideas as you are with your hands. If you are female, now is a good time to join a womens group. If male, seek out some female friends to get a new perspective. You may need the support of friends today. It will be a two-way street, since friends and family could seek your advice, too. Dont worry, you will feel energized by their company. This is not a good time to be alone. With the Moon in Cancer, you feel younger than you have in quite a while.

The Moon is in Cancer, which means family and career are emphasized. However, there may be a very emotional scene. You may experience problems at the office today, so try not to respond with heated emotions. Use your Libran intellect to sort through it, but dont expect everyone else to see things your way they arent so analytical. Hold your temper. Dont worry, tonight will be better. Keep to the speed limit, dont break any laws and youll be okay.

This is a good day to get what you want. You might feel like a well-stocked ship leaving its harbor for an unknown destination. Use your intuitive powers to find what youre after you have the stamina and strength to capture it today. You also have the drive to complete a major project. With the Moon in Cancer, a conversation begins simply and acquires surprising depth and scope as it goes on and on. Eat an exotic meal or see a foreign film. Pay attention to your dreams tonight they may provide a clue as to what is going on behind the scenes.

You may not be up for fulfilling the demands that your world is placing on you today. Follow your mood and worry about explaining yourself tomorrow. Sit in a quiet place and read a book if you can afford to take time off. If you travel to far-off places today, be sure to allow plenty of time to go through customs. Honesty is the best policy at the moment. Make sure all of your papers are in order. You may be at odds with your traveling companions because your energy may not match theirs. Exercise patience and tolerance.

Career may be on your mind, but relationships might consume more of your energy and time. Relationships at work may need some attention. Let others know how much you appreciate them. You may wish to be someplace else, but try to focus on the here and now. With the Moon in Cancer, you may feel like running away, but make an effort to deal with the issue at hand. If others around you are overreacting, dont take it personally. Keep calm and work things out.

Have lunch with friends and let yourself dream about what you would do if this were an ideal world. You may be more emotionally connected to the state of things than usual. If so, try to let go and move on. You may need to be more analytical. Put your goals into focus so that you can make improvements in your life. If a new exercise routine is on your list of things to do, chose a plan you can follow and stick to it. Planning is the first step toward implementation.

Things are going really well and you feel powerful. Even if youre clearly on top of your game today, dont let it go to your head. Relax and play for a while. When youre walking on air like this, you can charm anyone without even trying. Use the energy wisely and for a good cause. Spend time with family and friends and have fun. Perhaps you can spend a day at the beach or the park. Pick a relaxing activity to relieve a little of that stress. Use your imagination! If you cant get away, at least find a quiet spot to think.

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