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Daily horoscopes
16th October, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Routine and mundane responsibilities will be on your mind today. Its not all so bad. Its healthy to tend to your daily activities. They make life go more smoothly. When you take care of yourself, then you have more to give to others. You may want to rush in before covering the details, but give yourself some time before making a decision. Get to know the facts and make sure that youre making rational choices. You might be feeling particularly introverted and, as a result, you might think that things are worse than they are. Make an effort to turn your gaze outward instead your perspective will greatly improve.

This is a day of emotional well-being and peace for you. You are feeling clear-headed and open-minded and you benefit from the peace of mind this brings you. From where you sit the future looks brilliant, so take a good long look! Todays hungers are more delicate than ravenous. You find yourself having more patience than you expected to have in a given situation. Gentle reassurance works wonders for others. People look to you for approval and acknowledgment, so dont disappoint them. Things are going great for you its time to revel in it and enjoy yourself!

Rumors and propaganda obscure the big picture today. You cant control what other people think, but you certainly can control your own behavior. Your first job is to incorporate damage control, so look to which things need tending to most. After a levelheaded assessment of whats going on, you are free and ready to start fixing things. Act quickly to end the day on a positive note. Make an effort to explain yourself very clearly be very literal with your words when discussing something important so that your audience understands you. Be well-versed when you express yourself and it will make better sense.

This is a good time to analyze whats going on within you and around you. Things you examine fall into place when you take time to understand your own feelings and desires. When you know what you want you can go after it more quickly than you could floundering around, wondering what your goals might be. Look within yourself to find some clarity and get to know whats really important to you. The Moon in Virgo brings heightened organizational skills to help sort out any intuitive realizations you may be occupied with. Communication will also be clear and concise.

You will benefit tremendously from going back and making sure you paid attention to the necessary details on a project you thought was finished. There may still be a few little things left over from your last major work that require attention, but dont avoid doing the extra labor. The sooner you tend to it, the sooner you can get it over with and move on to something more current. Dont forget to pay attention to your health before burying yourself under the next pile of work. The days of the Virgo Moon are always a good time for Leo to slow down. Take this opportunity to relax, treat yourself right and enjoy.

People respect you for your skills and your efficient manner. Your strengths are admired by some and envied by others. Dont sweat it just blow your own horn to get their attention one more time. Theres nothing wrong with sharing your achievements -- just dont get a huge ego. Your friends and coworkers would love to celebrate with you. It makes them feel good, too. Now is your moment to lead the charge. Dont let this opportunity pass by unnoticed. Pursue that idea youve had on the back burner. This is a great time to enlist the help of others. Theyre ready and willing, so start by talking to them.

Your guiding hand may feel a little shaky and unreliable this time, but it will soon pass. Back off until youre better oriented so you can avoid making unnecessary mistakes. You might find yourself paralyzed by indecision, so why not wait to decide until youre feeling more clear-headed? To be most productive in the meantime, research the possibilities instead of acting. Then youll be in a better position to know the facts when you have to make a decision. Dont fret, though, as the Moon passes from Virgo to Libra. Your sense of order will return to you. Remain calm in the face of quandary. Take your time.

Friends assume that you are tuned in on a deeper emotional level than you would prefer to be. They only know what you tell them in return, respect their secrets. Be diplomatic in the advice you give. In the absence of empathy, at least show sympathy. People might be exceptionally demanding of your time and your energy, so at least try to be patient. They, in turn, will help you someday. This could also be a time when acquaintances enter your life wanting to get to know you better. They come from all walks of life and want to share experiences and stories that you have never heard before. You can learn a lot from others, so give them a chance.

Other peoples music might be too loud for you today. Hearing the beat of a different drummer? Its your own. You may feel quick to get irritated and agitated, but try to get a hold of yourself before doing anything rash. If you speak too soon you might actually regret it. Small problems threaten to become big obstacles so dont let your temper get the best of you. You need to get out more, whether on a long vacation or a short walk. Taking some deep breaths will restore control and perspective to a hectic day. If you can channel your passion into something productive, by all means do so. What are you waiting for?

Your style and stamina set you apart from the crowd. Whether you like it or not, youre getting attention from people of all walks of life. They look to you for inspiration and they admire you. Leadership can be yours if you choose to assume that mantle. Not everyone can be a leader. You are at a distinct advantage. Imagine the things you could change in the world if you set your mind to it. Your unique vision and charisma are putting you in the prime position to win friends and influence people. Consider the weight of your burden against the distance you hope to travel.

You are surprised to discover that a hidden problem suddenly throws a monkey wrench into the works. The machine may not grind to a halt, but its functioning is impaired. What you can learn from this is how to keep it from happening again. You know you cant reinvent the wheel, so why waste time trying? Youve learned a lot from your experiences, so act on them. The Moon in Virgo brings you the detail-oriented energy that is essential to getting your work done. Nobody will do your work for you, so buckle down, get it done, then celebrate your achievements.

The other side of giving is being able to take back what you need. This is a good time to set a constructive pattern in motion. Nothing really bothers you today youre flying high and everything seems possible. Youre sure to see the best in others if you look for it. Things arent always what they appear to be on the surface. Be sure to take note of those around you -- someone out there really needs you today. Your advice and unique perspective are worth their weight in gold. You are appreciated and respected, so dont keep it all to yourself. Share your thoughts and lend an ear to someone youll both feel better because of it.

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