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Daily horoscopes
11th November, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Leadership is about more than spouting the right slogans in a loud voice. Even your most junior associate can easily tell when you dont know what youre talking about. Stop pushing so hard and take some time to gather facts. When you are ready to act, be careful not to tread on any toes. Let each associate work at his or her own comfort level. Its good to be enthusiastic, but theres something to be said about quality craftsmanship too. Dont leave a mess for others to clean up. Put your tools in their proper places when youre finished with them.

Be careful not to get lured into a potentially volatile conversation. While some people enjoy a good debate, others may be offended. A political or theoretical discussion threatens to get personal. Someone may be trying to discredit your position by making you lose your temper. Stay calm in public -- you never know who may be watching. Get away from the pressures of the office and relax. Spend time with friends and focus on the benefits of your job. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Feel free to change your mind if it helps your day run more smoothly. If youre making travel plans, all options are still open, but be sure to communicate your new ideas to everyone involved. Even though you may be unable to stop talking about the thing that excites you the most, try to give off the illusion that your mind is on the job, at least when the boss is around. Spend your lunch making last-minute preparations for an upcoming trip or talking with a like-minded confidante.

Its time to face the music and stop putting off that unpleasant matter you hoped would go away on its own. Things rarely disappear by being ignored. Sometimes they only get worse. Responsibility starts here, so hop to it. When dealing with issues at work, be strong and act like an adult even if you feel like a reluctant child. If you have to, fake bravado. It much easier than you think. You might look back on this later and wonder why you thought it was such a challenge.

If you cant be on your best behavior, perhaps you should consider staying home today. Others, including your boss, may not share your sense of humor. Save practical jokes and forwarded emails for your personal friends. They are, more often than not, inappropriate in the workplace. Your lack of consideration might really offend someone. If you are asked to stop doing something, heed the warning. Remove yourself from a problem instead of ineffectively shaking it around.

Your standing offer to help could put you in a strange situation with a coworker. Even though you initially feel uncomfortable with stepping outside your tried and true routine, a crazy problem becomes sane when you put yourself in the logical shoes of its creator. You live up to your reputation as a master of order and expert in management of the small details, but someone may think that youre trying to steal their thunder. If you reorganize anyone elses system, be sure to give credit where credit is due.

Your creative urge inspires big changes in your home or workplace. Its not too late to try your hand at something that youve never done before. Your success with integrating new ideas into your life encourages others to look at their own ho-hum existence and make some changes. Romance is in the air. Perhaps its time to play cupid. It may suddenly strike you that two people you have known for ages would be perfect for each other. Dont wait for a formal invitation. Take the initiative and get them together.

Improve your concentration by working at home. The rude and busy world outside your door will only distract you from important details. Study and research are the best things you could do right now. If you are able to work at home, be sure to lay some ground rules with your family so that you wont be distracted there too. If you live alone, enjoy the opportunity to be a recluse and get some work done. Take the phone off the hook and unplug the television so that you can concentrate on the task at hand.

Cross the bridge from being a stranger to being a friend. Blind dates, chance meetings and cold calls are favored. They will be unusually successful. First impressions count and your openness and unique personality easily impress those you meet. It you dont have an opportunity to get out and mingle in person, reach out to people on the Internet and meet up with others who share like interests. Join a genealogy chat group or a discussion on anything from political ideologies of the twentieth century to soap operas.

A strong sense of self-discipline could make your day much more productive, but it might also ruin your chances of having a good time. It is possible to tread a middle ground. Think extravagantly but spend moderately. A friend is prepared to treat you to something special. Let them do so. Sometimes its harder to accept a gift graciously than it is to give lavishly. Dont spoil your friends pleasure by refusing to take it. Finance is on your mind but, at the moment, youre probably more interested in spending than saving.

In an act of twisted justice, a collection of wrongs could make a right today. You may have rewritten the rules, if not exactly broken them, to reach this point. Aquarians know all about change -- this is your day to really make it happen. You are in your element, surrounded by admirers, animals and children. Before the smoke clears and the dust settles, think carefully about your motives. You may be criticized later so make sure that your cause is a strong one. If it is worth committing to, you will have the stamina to stick with it through thick and thin.

Strange ideas and unusual notions are a source of creative solutions, but you may have to refine this one before presenting it to the more conservative elements in your company. Watch your competition carefully. You could be easily persuaded and upstaged today. The more outlandish your idea, the higher the chance that you may lose it to someone else. Good intentions make you highly attractive. Make sure that your seeming admirers are genuine before you sign anything. Its OK to share your ideas, but dont give them away for free.

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