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Daily horoscopes
9th November, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

This is a day for intellectual pursuits in unusual places you should make the most of any new opportunities that present themselves. Roam the halls of an art museum, tour the history of your hometown or jump into literature and live a life that you could once have only imagined. See how it feels to wear a different set of shoes and be influenced by a different set of circumstances. Youll expand your definition of financial, intellectual or emotional wealth in the process.

Your standing in the community is of the essence today, Taurus. Stand by your convictions, but not at the expense of treading on others or sacrificing your reputation. Make yourself known, but let your actions amaze. Keep your words subtle and humble. Take the time to honor those around you who are making a difference in the lives of others. Straying from your current path could call into question your motivation.

Exercise your athleticism today, Gemini, and your body will make you proud. Dont compare yourself to the crowd. Rather, rate yourself on a scale of personal accomplishment. It could be playing a pick up game in the neighborhood, running into an old friend or jumping into a new book. Allow it to make you feel good about yourself instead of judging yourself harshly. Welcome new ideas and new influences into your life and youll find that your iron belief system may start to bend or melt. Changing with the times, in your own time, will keep you feeling youthful and spry.

Remember that you dont always have to echo the opinions of those whom you admire. In this case, someone will greatly respect you for speaking your own mind. Be careful when dealing with others, as a miscommunication is very possible. As long as you keep your eyes and ears wide open, you should be able to calm a storm before it explodes. Others may seem aloof, but realize that it may just be that Cancer sensitivity coming to the forefront. Since family is important at this time, dont let your feelings be hurt retreat instead with the ones you love. No one else really needs to know about your internal conflict. Put it behind you and move forward.

Avoid apathy today, Leo, and let your sociable side shine through. Getting up and getting out may be the best cure for a case of the blahs. Explore your artistic side with a good companion and dont be afraid to approach a new medium. Place yourself in public and enjoy the attention that you draw, as its likely to have a payoff in the distant future. You may be trying to hold on too tightly to something you hold dear. Forcing your way in is not the answer, nor will it change the current state of affairs. Throw your brain into overtime for the best solutions.

Concentrate on all aspects of your home today, Virgo. Fluff pillows, cook soup, gingerly see to every stray speck of dust. Take the time to fix something that youve been neglecting, stay in your bed a little longer or spend time with the people you love. Be sure to focus on fun while you are relaxing. In true Virgo fashion, you will receive genuine pleasure from cleaning out and reorganizing. However, dont forget to shake up the routine a little bit. Everyone is bored by a creature of habit.

Well-balanced and secure, you are really enjoying the current status of your personal or intimate relationships. Things are finally where you want them and youve had to work a long time to get to this point. Nestle in to this challenging emotional connection and ride it all the way home. Alternatively, you can focus that romantic energy inward and embark upon a new creative or enlightening journey. Explore the limits and boundaries of your self-expression and the one you want will notice the results of your hard work.

Its a fact that you sometimes have to escape from your loved ones to find a moment of peace, but you owe it to yourself to do whatever it takes to maintain your sanity. Use your time alone to find that peace instead of wallowing in self-pity. Blaming others for your own life may make you feel better, but deep down you know that you are responsible for your own happiness. Your inner strength is a valuable resource. Call upon it frequently. Be satisfied with what you have or do something to create a new situation.

Your words fall like bombs into a crowd of chattering voices. Sudden silence only increases the drama of what you have to say. People are delighted by your heavy-handed theatrics once they grasp the value of your idea, but dont be surprised if it takes a moment for it to sink in. Keep on plugging away thats the surefire way to get others to enlist in your army. Reaching out and networking are key. Rely upon friends and coworkers to help you peddle your snake oil.

Dont take anything for granted today. Appreciate what you have and the relationships that youve established and feel free to call in a favor if you need it. You have friends in high places who are willing to help you out, based on the strength of your character. Even the details of your daily life that sometimes seem daunting are rather amazing, and at the moment you arent laughing alone. When it comes to career and finance, youd better start planning for the future.

With the Moon in your Sign, this is a very stable moment for you. Oddly enough, you arent juggling your usual array of projects and events and the change may be sort of refreshing -- for the time being. Youre likely to be restless again soon enough. Enjoy the downtime after your fast-paced week and choose social activities. Youll find fulfillment in being with those you care about most, not necessarily those who share your political or radical views. Be self-indulgent for once no one will point any fingers.

Youll feel like you can almost touch the intangible today, Pisces. Your emotions will be anything but elusive, your sympathy will be strong and your imagination will be vivid. Be sensitive to the extremes of your dreams and you may even find some aspects of them surfacing in your day-to-day life. Lingering over daydreams is your specialty and today is no exception. Why not allot time for the things that you do best?

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