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Daily horoscopes
7th November, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

The money is yours for the taking -- provided, of course, that you act within legal bounds. Be clear in the communication of your desires and be able to back them up with intelligence. Rise to all challenges presented. Even if the goals are set high, you will clear it with room to spare. Youll miss out only if you dont go out looking for challenges to meet. You have the drive within that ensures that this wont happen. Challenges will seek you once the word has spread that you are willing to compete.

Let someone else carry part of the load. The weight on your shoulders is overwhelming, unless you take the time to evenly distribute it amongst those who are willing to help. When you share the work, you share the rewards, and a celebration is more fun when you are surrounded by great company. Its easy to be affectionate during times of great plenty, so be sure to give credit where credit is due and to do the same when it comes to respect. Access is not a problem right now or even an issue.

Everything you need may not be right in front of you, but if you dig around a little, youre sure to find it. You become quite the archeologist as you break out the tools that you need to uncover all that is essential to your being. You may also find a few unexpected relics that are of great value. Casual remarks are taken seriously, so think before you speak and choose your words wisely. The gift of gab, when properly used, makes you look like a genius. When abused, it amounts to little more than gossip. Try to tip the scales in your favor.

Swim with the current even if it takes you somewhere youd rather not go. Dont waste any strength fighting what is essentially inevitable. You may not be strong enough to fight the changes that sweep through your world. Chance may actually bring you to an unexpected shore that may be inviting. Listen to the water whirl and let the thoughts in your head wander. The sound of your breathing is actually rather soothing. Its better to lose yourself in the moment than to worry. Worrying will not get you out of deep water any faster.

You count your wealth in the intangible things and realize that your real value does not lie in the realm of dollars and cents. All of a sudden you are worth more than you ever thought possible. Love is the greatest commodity of all and you learn of a better way to express what your heart holds inside. Your current spiritual condition lets you face troubles with a smile and embrace happiness with renewed vigor. You are ready for whatever the world has to offer because you notice that most things are half full rather than half empty.

Spend a little time cleaning out a closet, drawer or attic. You discover the dress-up clothes that lived in the fantasies of your childhood and the trinkets and tokens of a time gone by. Looking carefully reveals important clues to the past that you had never quite comprehended before. Look beyond the smiles in pictures to try to determine the full scenario. Pick up something that you once dropped in haste and take another look at it. A simple act of completion relieves you of a mental burden.

Slow down. You may be so far ahead of everyone else that youll only have to wait for them to catch up. You dont want to be so much of an outlier that others decide to discredit your value. Remain on everyones radar so that your impact can be fully felt when the time is most appropriate. This is a good moment to sit down with some coffee, sort through your mail and prepare for the next wave. A longboard ensures that you stand up, but a shorter one makes for a better ride. You decide how to best outfit yourself for the conditions.

Sharing may be hard, but there may be no way around it. Taking your ball and going home in the middle of the game leaves nothing but hard feelings behind. Worse yet, it decreases your chances of actually ever being invited back to play again. Your problem could have more to do with your feelings than an actual scarcity of resources. Think about the perspective with which you are wandering through your world. Try to see yourself from the eyes of others in order to gauge what is really occurring. Pull back before you go too far.

Finish the unfinished and move on to the next thing. Work your way down your to-do list until there is little left to undertake. Forward momentum fills in any gaps left in your plans. In fact, leaving a few of the details blank makes for a more interesting adventure. Anything is a lesson if it gives you something useful to take home at the end of the day. You have the ability to be both the teacher and the student -- they do not have to be mutually exclusive. There is a classroom around every corner it just might not look like you expected. Remember to sit in groups or clusters in order to get the ideas flowing freely.

As the Moon moves through Aries, you may feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Try not to do any heavy lifting -- you are already carrying enough of a load. Dont take on any new projects at work. This isnt a good time to put undue stress on yourself by imposing too many personal restrictions, either. You may try to avoid it, but you still get sucked into everyone elses personal dramas. Your family or inner circle of friends draws you into a time of turmoil. The foundations are a little shaky right now. Try to take some time for yourself tonight. Read a good book or rent a video.

Raising your voice in the spirit of debate is not the same thing as disagreeing. Make sure that you can back up your fire and passion with the facts and ideas that serve as the foundations for your feelings. A new idea isnt worth much if it cant stand a little road test. Taking it for more than a test drive is your best bet. Listen to all of the input and thoughts that others bring to the table and youll have a new way to look at an old argument. Make sure that everyone is on the same page before going forward.

You may be surprised to find yourself competing for what you thought was yours alone. Remember that the sweetest victories are likely to have no nameplates or official recognition. You hold the winnings dear to your heart, so defend them with all of your passion. Somehow you find energy that you didnt think you had. You also realize that you are willing to share the triumph if it has truly been a team effort. In this case, play your position above and beyond your call of duty. Treat a bloodthirsty battle as if it were a friendly rivalry.

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