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Daily horoscopes
6th November, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

You could make the greatest discovery about yourself and still not be able to interest others. Youll have an easier time when you focus outward instead of inward. Be a cog in the machine for a little while. This is not the time to start anything new. Watch out for frustration today. Before you sign any agreements, consult with legal experts to make sure everything is on the up and up. You have permission to do as little as possible today, so relax and enjoy it! You have been working far too hard lately. Take some time off if you can to refresh and recharge.

If you have ever considered running for office, this might be the day to throw your hat into the ring. You look good as the figurehead for a group with a common goal. Your influence over others is great. Give up being a follower -- now its time to be a leader. If youve been trying to reach the masses with an idea, do so now. This is a good day to tell your problems to your friends, as they will be compassionate. Try sharing common goals and brainstorm for ideas on how to reach them.

A coworker could save you from having a serious oversight. The faster you go, the more details you are likely to miss. Slow down before you do something that cannot be undone. Things may seem blurry and unfocused. Take a wait-and-see approach. There may be undercurrents that youre not aware of. You need to uncover the motives of others involved in joint projects before you can go forward. If you need to communicate with someone, try to wait for another day.

You come to the rescue of someone in need of your expertise. What seems confusing to others is obvious to you. Do something creative with your extra brain power. However, you may find yourself daydreaming today its not a good day to work on a boring project or one thats detail-oriented. Use the day to brainstorm and figure out what you really want out of life. Dreams may help point you in the right direction. Keeping a dream journal would be helpful. Your intuition will lead the way, so pay attention.

If youre looking for gullible people, you shouldnt have to look far. Most people assume others are on the up-and-up. Taking advantage of others causes unrest in the community, not to mention what it does to your own conscience. Remember that short-term gain is not always in your long-term interest. If you can, avoid any financial deals today. Do some research instead to make sure you arent being taken in. Dont fly off the handle today if others are reacting emotionally. Calm down, listen to their concerns and respond in an authoritative manner. Answer all their questions and they will be satisfied.

Its all right if your feet leave the ground for a while, as long as you come down in time to take the next step. Partners need to match their stride on solid ground. Solo fliers may grow tired of loneliness. It could be a somewhat frustrating day you may lose an important list and that drives Virgos crazy! You may also be frustrated by others who are not as organized as you are and wont move at the pace that you want them to. Try to have compassion for them and respect them for their individual natures.

It is easy to be consumed by the intensity of your plans. Take a moment for a few deep breaths and a reality check. The situation may have changed since the last time you looked at it. Your daily routine may be disrupted. Dont try to do too many things on the go. At work or in your professional life, keep your head down and stick with current projects. However, keep your cool if things dont progress. Try to remain objective and flexible. Take time to smell the roses and enjoy the smaller things in life.

Pay attention to the shining that comes from deep within yourself. Everyone around you is shedding a little light for the next few days. Mystery brings a delicious tension to all who enter your personal space. Its a good day to use your imagination to solve problems or manifest something you really want. At this time, reality and fantasy interface, so you will have a better chance of creating things you imagine. Go ahead visualize success, wealth, romance and everything as you want things to be. If you want to have fun today, it would be best to share an activity with someone rather than being by yourself.

Big changes could be in the wind today, but they may not be the ones you were planning. You will have an easier ride if you hold onto something solid. Every event seems to be part of some larger metaphor. Be careful you may misplace items today. Listen while others reminisce about the past, even if it bores you. Perhaps an older relative wants to impart wisdom to you and this is the only way they know how. Try to apply their advice to your own life.

Present your ideas to those who have the power or resources to make them happen. Telephone and email connections are strong and inspiring. Use your creativity and communication skills to your advantage today. Or communicate through art or music. Connect with others and theyll draw out your compassion. Sympathy for others wins you many allies. Go ahead and help them they will be only too glad to return the favor and respond to your good works. You can influence many people today use this to everyones advantage.

This is a time to assess your situation and focus on your own needs. Put yourself first today. You may be in need of some personal, alone time to sort out your feelings, thoughts and beliefs. Find a quiet place where you can reflect and allow your mind to wander. There is great peace in the sudden silence. Meditations may lead to mystical experiences outside of reality. If you are clear with others about why youre temporarily absent from them, they will understand and you will gain a greater understanding of yourself through your reflections.

Congratulations! This is your day to spin gold from straw. The Pisces Moon fills your life with mystery and magic. The humdrum of the usual is transformed into something utterly fantastic. Its a good time to manifest things into reality. In other words, be very careful what you wish for, because youre sure get it -- and soon! You will have difficulty communicating with others today and there may be misunderstandings. Be gentle with friends theyre having trouble figuring out what you are talking about. A good time to keep a dream journal or make plans for the future.

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