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Daily horoscopes
5th November, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Try to stay out of office politics or you may find yourself locking horns with others. Tempers could flare unless you exert more control over your wild side. Think before you speak and be sure not to make accusations if you do not have the proof in hand. It might be good to lay low. Can you work from home? If not, stay at your desk and keep your nose to the grindstone. Heightened emotions will not be felt so strongly tomorrow, so just keep your head down and ride out the storm.

Let the love of your profession expand so that it enriches your life outside the office. This doesnt mean that you should make a habit of bringing your work home with you. If you dont feel that you have a personal life, now is the time to build one. Just apply the passion you feel for your lifes calling to your every action. Your dedication and enthusiasm, no matter what the situation or the task, will be infectious to those around you. Perhaps youll find that you really can mix business with pleasure.

The day could get off to a rocky start as you feel as if youre working in a house of cards. One false move might bring everything tumbling down around your ears. Everyone is talking enough hot air to stir up a furious wind. Dont add to it. Your steady hand and quiet voice may be needed to save a delicate situation. You have the skills to do it now its up to you to decide if you have the desire. If you take on the task, open up channels of communication but make sure that the dialogue is positive.

Some inside knowledge puts you secretly a step ahead of your workmates and competitors. Intuition is your trump card use your uncanny ability to figure out the how, the where and the when, ahead of everyone else. Dont be afraid to use this information to further yourself or achieve your goals. Live large and save the smaller moves for less expansive days. Beware of philosophical questions -- your answer could take hours and the boss may become impatient if they think youre wasting company time.

Utilize your resourcefulness, Leo. Do more than making do with what you have -- make your actions amazing and your ingenuity incredible. It is a day of bright new beginnings and its up to you to take advantage of the opportunities appropriately. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, so go ahead and plan that corporate takeover. If that goal is too lofty, settle for something more obtainable like cleaning out your desk or organizing your bedroom. If the chance presents itself to work on a project, now is the time to grab it.

Your reaction to a major change could result in either your wildest dream or your worst nightmare. Think before you act, but make it quick and dont overanalyze or you may miss a golden opportunity. In a fast-paced environment, yesterdays list becomes meaningless. Its just as well that you already threw it away. The ability to change gears seamlessly is key. Respect the opinions of others, especially if they are people you love. A partner may come up with an innovative solution to something that has been perplexing you.

Dont let sloppy accounting put your business affairs in jeopardy. A working relationship may be in danger of being strained by a financial disagreement. Make sure that all cards are on the table and negotiate business matters promptly before the discord reaches a personal level. If you feel overwhelmed by minutiae, dont give up. A methodical approach may be best. Challenges dont seem to loom so large when you approach them one step at a time. Save your sweeping global changes for another day.

At the moment, fun is king and everything else is its loyal subject, so worship and enjoy. Its boundaries are limited only by the scope of your imagination. Today your creativity is at peak performance and the skys the limit. There could be a mystery at work that no one can -- or will -- explain. Follow a whim call an old friend out of the blue and invite them back into your life. You are probably both in a better place mentally and emotionally than you were the first time around.

Today seems really slow. You cant seem to get revved up and may have trouble even getting your feet off the ground. A high-energy or high-risk activity sounds like a good idea from the comfort of your chair, but do you have the gumption to take action? You may not accomplish much more than daydreaming for the moment, but the seed is planted, ready to sprout later when you are in a more proactive frame of mind.

Discipline and duty have never felt better and you have never felt more comfortable with them. You could be experiencing one of those rare occurrences of synchronicity. You feel one with the universe, as if youre exactly where you should be, doing exactly what youre supposed to be doing. Your creative powers are at a peak. Whatever you try to do will manifest in an interesting, unusual way. Your public has never been more impressed with your captivating powers. If you cant take up public speaking, lead a staff meeting or a book club.

Sometimes you have to get to the end of your rope with someone before you can make a change. Youve reached this point with a close friend. Its time for blunt honesty and tough love. If someone is draining your resources, they probably dont know when to quit. In that case, they wont listen to anything other than cold, harsh reality. You might be wincing at the sound of your own words, but enough is enough. Put your foot down before the authorities have to do it for you. Dont feel guilty. You are actually helping this person who will thank you for it later.

With the Moon in your Sign, all of your good qualities are magnified such that no one will notice what areas youre lacking in they only see where you shine. You may not be a born leader, but no one will believe you if you say so today. You will be placed in a position of authority and you will surprise yourself by excelling at it. You have a good reason for everything or at least one that sounds convincing. Motivating team members is easier than you think. Someone is ready to give you all they have.

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