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Daily horoscopes
4th November, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Friends and acquaintances will surprise you by coming out of the woodwork with their offers of help. For once, you are in the unique position of being able to pick whom you want on your project instead of working with whoevers available. Once you have assembled your team of like-minded individuals, you will excel as their leader. It may be challenging, but if you plan ahead, you will accomplish a lot and perhaps make some new friends in the process. When all is said and done, be sure to give credit where credit is due.

You may be wondering, Is it me or is it the rest of the world? Maybe some big change happened while you were asleep. Suddenly, the recent past feels like the good old days. Take some time to explore whats been going on in your life recently. Is there some aspect you wish you could change? With the Moon in Aquarius, this is a good time to do a little introspective work. Spend some quality time with yourself. Try to figure out what you could have done differently in the past and realize that you still have the power to change your future.

Intellectual communion and the exchange of ideals drives you. Take advantage of your natural gifts in these areas. Share your ideas with anyone who will listen -- it could lead to something unexpected and wonderful. Tonight minds meet, dance together and embrace, whether at a social event or in cyberspace. Spend time with friends or find someone online who has something in common with you. This is a good time to get involved. Join a club or group where you can share your experiences. Your inspiration in one inspires all. People around you will be motivated by what you offer to the conversation.

If the sky is falling on Chicken Little, the smartest thing would be to get indoors and watch it on TV. You definitely have a unique way of thinking and its only natural to want to share your ideas with the people around you. The problem is, what seems perfectly logical to you may often be misunderstood by other people, even those who are closest to you. Dont worry about what others think. Use your different way of thinking to your advantage. Put your thoughts in writing. Write poetry or song lyrics. Start keeping a journal.

Up to this point you may have been the sleepwalker moving through a lazy dream. Wake up now and see where your wanderings have taken you. If youve been spending a lot of time alone, now is the time to pick up where you left off in a relationship. Its time to end a power struggle and realize that you dont always have to be the one calling the shots! At work, finish a project that you put on the back burner. Creative thinking may be required to set things on the right course. Use your flare for problem-solving and you may find yourself in line for a promotion or reward of some kind.

You might think you are homeward-bound until an impasse sends you back to reconsider your route. Dont panic. All is not lost. Take some time to examine what went wrong and youll find you will be able to fix the problem with very little effort. The end result might even be better than what you expected it to be! Be careful when dealing with other people. Signals could be crossed today and lines of communication might fill with static. Your first step is to remain calm. Try not to listen to hearsay. Instead of relying on he said, she said, go directly to the source to get things straightened out.

This is the kind of day Librans love! Inspiration and creativity rule your life. Youll find wonder and enlightenment in places you wouldnt imagine. Ideas fill your head faster than you can write them down. This is a great time to get organized. Start a new system to improve your efficiency. Clean out your electronic files or transfer all those names and addresses you have scattered about into a database. Friends and family are amazed by your original approaches to long-standing issues and habits. Impress them all by doing something out of character!

You may run into some turmoil today, Scorpio. Problems at home or in the office could result in feelings getting hurt. Someone might explode with inappropriate words or actions. Try to restrain yourself from your first impulse -- walking away. Take some time to calm down, then try to discuss the problem. Its important not to leave this issue unattended to. Do not cut yourself off. A situation that you thought resolved turns out to require immediate attention. Use your expert problem-solving skills to come up with another solution that is acceptable to everyone involved.

Take care of all communication-related business in the morning. Answer all those emails and return those phone calls youve been avoiding. Take care of bills and get everything in the mail before lunch. Unusual things may start happening as the day wears on. Dont let the unknown rattle you. Talk to strangers! This is a great day to meet new people. You will undoubtedly impress people today with your attitude. Keep an open mind and you may find yourself enjoying a new experience. Keep your sense of humor sharpen and ready for use.

Everything may not go as planned. Hide your disappointment if a friend lets you down. Try not to take it personally and make an effort to understand where theyre coming from. Things arent always what they seem. You sense change in the wind, but it may not necessarily be a change that affects you. Stay with the program for now, just in case nothing better comes along. Be wary of new schemes and things that sound too good to be true. Dont make any big changes that will affect the immediate future.

This is the kind of day Aquarians live for! Prepare to soar on a wind of high energy and boundless excitement. Nothing can stop you from obtaining your goals. Others notice and admire you for no apparent reason. Friends and coworkers will fight over who gets to spend the most time with you. People follow your lead, even if youre going nowhere. Dont take advantage of this blind faith. Tonight, accept an unexpected invitation or let your ego soar while spending some time in the company of admiring friends.

You will want to help others today. Your sense of radiant tranquility has a calming effect on a person whod rather stay excited. Thats okay. Seek out friends who can raise your own energy level instead. You may find yourself inundated with thoughts and ideas, leaving you unable to concentrate on even the simplest of tasks. Give yourself a break. All new ideas seem to come from the same well today. Go ahead and daydream about the future. Let your mind wander and you may find solutions to nagging problems. Be open to suggestions and change.

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