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Daily horoscopes
3rd November, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Listening to advice gets you further than following your headstrong ways when the Moon is in Aquarius. Its up to you to separate valid suggestions from harebrained ideas. Teamwork is the keyword for the day. Others are capable of coming up with good ideas, too. If you stop talking and let your coworkers get in a few words, you can become a great leader. Friends have a big influence on your day. A secret visionary may be hidden among your acquaintances so pay attention to all recommendations before taking action.

Things at the office are going to get busy soon as your workload increases in a whirlwind of activity. When the pace picks up at work, discard your stubborn Taurean tendencies and adopt a flexible style. Digging in and holding your position will only cause increased resistance among you, your coworkers and your boss, and also make it even more difficult to finish your tasks. If you must be overwhelmed, focus on the challenge. Accomplishing something you thought was impossible can be a joyful and empowering experience. Making the extra effort may even result in a raise.

You will finally get a chance to show your stuff. Rejoice in your brain power and be prepared to use it for something. Associates and superiors alike will appreciate you for it. Others require your help in making an informed decision. If you give assistance freely, you will reap the benefits in the future. You may not have to go far to satisfy your lust for foreign culture. Try an exotic restaurant in your neighborhood or visit a local museum or library. You can meet some unusual people in the line of duty.

You could be surrounded by the unstable and unpredictable. Dont be upset it you cant control your environment at the office. At the moment, chaos is the guiding principle of your public sphere. It wont last long, so resist the temptation to become too involved or to fight it. If you step into the maelstrom, you are likely to be swept away and never heard from again. Dont let your emotions get carried away at work. You are likely to be met with aloof indifference. Instead, save your vulnerable side for your family and friends at home.

Your high profile in the workplace or community may be exciting, but it turns your life into an open book. Although you secretly like all of the attention, theres a fine line between honesty and exhibitionism. Be careful not to offend anyone who may not want to know all the details of your personal life but will perceive you as a braggart instead. Stay humble and be grateful for whatever you get. Dont forget to acknowledge those who helped you get to your current position. Above all, dont let your newfound infamy go to your head.

All the hidden workings and behind-the-scenes preparations that you are so good at maintaining start to become obvious to your superiors. You are an expert at managing the little details, so expand your horizons and take in the bigger picture too. The more you understand, the more helpful you can be to others -- and the more youll impress your boss. Watch coworkers for idle gossip and sabotaging behavior, though. An opportunist can take advantage of any confusion by taking the credit for something you have done.

With the Moon in Aquarius, your extroverted mood lets you enjoy the company of others and makes you a joy to be around. Single Librans are ripe for new relationships. Is there someone youve been admiring from afar? Next time you make eye contact in the elevator or in the office hallway, dont look away. If you want to be especially bold, introduce yourself. Its easier than you think. The Aquarius Moon strips away any lingering shreds of self-consciousness. At lunch time, several office mates will want you to join them.

You may want to distance yourself from the demands and the mundane routine of family life. Perhaps putting in a bit of overtime or attending to personal affairs would be a welcome distraction. Your ideas may conflict with those of the people around you, both at home and at the office, so prepare yourself for a challenge and a little personal escape. It doesnt have to be anything radical. Indulging in a movie or a good book are both good getaways when youre feeling pressured. A little fantasy can go a long way to help improve your mental outlook.

This is a time of overflowing bounty for you and those around you. Sagittarians in marketing will benefit immediately. The stars are in a perfect position to meet new people. Share what you have with those in great need. Communication is key. Take a junior staff member under your wing theyll be grateful for a few pointers. You can get away with a bit of bragging when you pass it off as a sales pitch. You will impress people as long as you dont cross the line into arrogance.

With the Moon in Aquarius, this is a good day for acquiring new things. Whether you are shopping online or browsing through your local mall, keep your wits about you. If you are using the Internet to make your acquisitions, dont do it when the boss is likely to catch you. Make sure you dont buy on impulse or youll regret your decision. Think hard about any purchase that seems too trendy or outrageous. Shopping for pleasure is fine, but only buy if youre truly excited about whatever youll leave the store with.

Whenever the Moon visits your Sign you become an influential leader, delighting in change for its own sake. Friends and associates follow willingly, eager to see where you will lead them and what visions you will share with them. Although you love the excitement, your underlying motive is to help others. You can easily recruit people to your cause. You are a telephone switchboard for the call of freedom. Some come along just for a good time, but others will be committed to your cause.

The ancient code of An eye for an eye neglected to account for the third eye, that mysterious sensory organ so familiar to Pisceans. If someone scoffs at your visionary abilities, theres no need to seek revenge against ignorance. Its not worth it. Knowing too much has never been easy. If you cant use your intuitive abilities to advance your popularity, use them to advance yourself and your career in the business world. A new, unusual way of looking at something can give you the edge you need.

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