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Daily horoscopes
2nd November, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Someone is holding you up as a positive role model. If you feel that your behavior is not worth copying, it is time to start setting a better example. Guard your reputation at work as well this is not the time for foolish flirtations or schemes. Follow the rules for a change and try to stay grounded. Slow down a bit. Remember the story about the hare and the tortoise? Slow and steady wins the race should be your motto today, too. Dont worry, youll win whatever races youre involved in.

If you roll up your sleeves and get to work now, there will be plenty of time to sort everything out. Material goals are within easy reach. Everyone around you appears to have their head firmly on their shoulders. This is a good personal day. Try to get those around you to see things from a different perspective. Others will be ready to hear the message you offer and respond to your grounded, earthy nature. Enlighten others with your words, but keep concepts simple and easy to understand.

It may be time to face the music. A difficult issue could cast a shadow across your reputation. Matters involving money may start getting ugly. Demand a full disclosure as part of your strategy. A partner can turn into an authority. Stay calm and take a wait-and-see attitude. There are various undercurrents and not all the facts may be clear. Things are confusing because everyone has a hidden agenda. Things need to be attempted to be brought out. Until everyone puts their cards on the table, you cant proceed. Make this clear to everyone and then wait until they declare their feelings.

Feelings might get in the way of intentions. People are quicker to judge you by your attitude than by your words or actions. Try not to upset others too much -- youll need their help sometime soon. Its a good day to hide out in your cubicle or office, or telecommute, to avoid getting into conflicts with coworkers. Otherwise you may have trouble communicating at work. If you can, postpone sending that email message until you have reread it and thought it through carefully. If you speak out of turn, you may get into trouble.

You could surprise everyone, including yourself, with a sudden no-nonsense attitude. Time is more precious than it has been for a while. There is nothing laid back about the way you get down to business. You have the leadership skills and charisma to lead a group through a challenge to success. Put some of your time toward trying to help someone out. Being of service provides its own rewards. Try to think what they need, then provide it.

Once all your hard work is done, run off and play for a while. You may be so ready for fun that even an unpaid vacation sounds like a good deal. A whole world of wonderful new people are dying to meet you. Get out there and mingle! If single, you may meet someone very cute at work or through your profession. You should attend a professional organization and network your way to the top! Youll surely stand out. Creativity is emphasized, so brainstorm with coworkers for new solutions to old problems.

This is not the time to make your move. Your carefully laid plans may not match the current setting. Watch out for authority figures today they may give you a hard time. Old issues could resurface. You may be feeling sentimental about an old love or relationship. Being nostalgic every once in a while is okay, but living in the past can be problematic. Turn your mind toward the future. While you cant undo the past, your future is yours to write.

Be receptive to others. Someone who at first seems totally unintelligible could actually be saying something very useful. Listen to your coworkers, even if they dont initially seem to say anything insightful. They have something important to communicate, and you never know who or what will make the difference. Its a good day to sign agreements or legal papers, but check with experts before entering into anything binding. Overall, youll be able to get along with others whose ideas oppose yours.

You may be entering a period of introspection and reevaluation. Criticize yourself constructively. Dont wear recent mistakes like chains. Forget the past and focus on the future. You may be focused on money and material things, which could lead you to be more financially conservative than usual. Investigate ways to invest the money youve been saving. Consult experts to find ways to make it grow!

Your frenetic excitement of the last few days is tempered by patience. You have the power to move mountains, but you also know when the moment is right. Luck is the icing on your cake of discipline. With the Moon still in your Sign, your career is highlighted. Consult your calendar and be sure to keep appointments and projects on schedule. Have you been seeing your partner enough recently? Perhaps you can spend more time with them.

You defy the odds and actually make some headway in moving a seemingly immovable object. Of course, the basic challenge of scientific discovery is, Yes, but can you do it again? Try not to take it personally if others dont believe. You may be unsure why coworkers are not disciplining themselves. It may not be possible to understand them and it does no good to complain. Dont try to fight them just keep your head down and worry about getting your own work done.

You know when youre right. Keep repeating your message until others get it. Your reputation is solid enough to let you get away with a little nagging. You may help a group find a new director or leader. You have help from friends in high places. Coworkers are interested in your cause. They will help you because you may be helping them in some other capacity. As for others, feel free to flirt, but outside of work, of course. Romantic partners find you captivating and fascinating. Be careful how you use that charm!

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