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Daily horoscopes
31st October, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

If you find yourself being unusually defensive, try to keep from blowing up in frustration. Minor misunderstandings could result in major irritation. This is a good day to develop a sense of compassion for your opponents. Many misunderstandings begin as simple miscommunications but can easily reach ugly levels when allowed to escalate. Write down your dreams in a journal and you may get ideas on how to proceed in the future. Direct any extra energy from frustration or stress toward helping other people. When you assist others, they will pay you back later.

Today is ideal for spending time with friends who share a common bond with you. With the Moon in Pisces your friends will be especially compassionate toward you, and this could be a welcome change. Start a group conversation regarding an issue thats been bothering you. You may come up with a strange solution that strikes a deep chord among everyone who understands it. Presentation counts today, no matter how good an idea you have. Make sure you are prepared before speaking to a large group of people. A pet project could get the green light. Get ready to impress everyone with the end result.

Take the time to think about your achievements and those who helped make them possible. Dont settle now, though -- use your ambition to keep moving ahead. You can be a living legacy to those who know you best. However, if you have been planning a major change in the career arena, it would be best to postpone making a move. People at work may misunderstand your motives. This is the time to look before you leap! Back off a little and think about what youd like to achieve. Focus on creative projects and you will succeed.

With the Moon in Pisces, activities located near water are favored. If traveling, take the water route to enhance the seamless flow of your thoughts. Others find you deep and enthusiastic but possibly a bit vague. Your mind may tend to wander if they insist on telling you every minute detail. You may be delving into something unknown today. Your intuitive skills will come in handy. Take your time to enjoy a day of daydreaming and exploration into previously undiscovered territory.

Other peoples motives may be suspect at this time. Raise your voice rather than joining a conspiracy of silence. Somebody has to take the first step toward setting things right it might as well be you. This is a good day to do research and listen to instinct when making decisions. While the Moon in is Pisces, aquatic activities are highlighted, so if you can, travel by water or visit the beach. Dont make any deals involving money today. All that glitters may not be gold.

No matter what happens today, it wont be boring. A partnership could be driven by the mystery of just who the other partner really is. The simplest explanation becomes more complex at every turn. Realize that not everyone is as organized as you are. You may be tempted to lose patience with others because they arent moving as fast as youd like. Forgive them for not being detail-oriented. Though they may test your patience, count to ten before you speak. Getting angry at them wont make them move any faster. Keep calm and cool.

Your day could be stalled by something infuriatingly obvious. Try not to take a delay too personally. Your to-do list may seem endless, but youll feel much better when you cross off each of them. Just keep working on current projects until they are completed. Cleaning up a mess or hanging a new picture might be the little thing that makes a big difference. Dont get upset if things dont proceed as you think they should. Take a walk in the park or work out at the gym to relieve stress.

This is a good day for you, Scorpio. Today you are the driving force behind all that is wonderful. Wit and imagination make you something of a rascal. Play your cards close to your chest and enjoy your power to make other peoples days. Go ahead and be as creative as you like your efforts will be rewarded. Use those talents that youve kept hidden. Youre on everyones good list, so dont worry about being appreciated. Just dont become too inflated by all the adulation. Be honest and truthful with everyone in all dealings and your good reputation will stay intact.

Visiting with parents or older relatives helps you put things in perspective. Reach out to people who might feel that youve forgotten them. Be sure to listen when they talk about the past and treat them with respect. They have wisdom to impart to you. Apply their suggestions to your life. Be careful not to misplace things. Keep an eye on your keys, glasses and other essential items. This is a good time to expand your horizons. Investigate a new book, class or exercise program. Do some research on spiritual practices or philosophies.

A misunderstanding works to your advantage. There is no way that you can manufacture a happy accident. Communicate as clearly as you can and hope for the best. Use your creativity to your advantage and think of other ways to communicate, perhaps through art or music. If someone asks for help, offer your assistance. They will be in a position to return the favor later. You will get a warm, fuzzy glow from helping them. Remember that not all rewards are material.

Events could force you to admit that you are operating on insufficient awareness about your finances. Budgets are your friends at this point. You may feel the urge to splurge, but now is not the time to run up big bills. Try to control your spending and resist the temptation to use credit cards. Remember that a penny saved is a penny earned. Now would be a good time to consult with a planner or expert since you may need someone to point you in the right direction. A contract may require extra research before you sign it.

Agreements and arrangements between friends could be sweet and powerful today, especially if all parties involved are Pisceans. Together youll prove to others that still waters run deep. Working together on a volunteer project would be a good use of this energy. You are generous and perceptive. There is no need to get entangled in long arguments. If life is getting very complicated, you have the knack for getting around obstacles. Others will sit back and watch you deftly juggle several things at once.

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