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Daily horoscopes
30th October, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

You have only one life to live, so make your decisions carefully. This may be a time for reaction instead of action. Frustration can cloud your brain if you move too quickly in any direction, and passionate acts bring an immediate response. Do not defend your territory if it is not being invaded. Face the fact that you are no better or worse than anyone else. If your ego can absorb the blow, you may well end up enjoying yourself. By exerting a little force, you can speed things up to a pace that begins to suit you.

Others may seek your help or ask for your opinion. Be sure you fully understand the situation before forming a decision. Reach out to people from your past, particularly those with whom youve had conflicts. Old misunderstandings are easily laid to rest by the perspective of time, and renewing a friendship brings some missing pieces back into your life. Other peoples opinions matter a lot. Luckily for you, it wont take much work to impress those who are the most important. All you have to do is be yourself that will be plenty.

You may need to make a decision today, so be sure you weigh both sides of the story before determining your outcome. Be as open-minded as possible. Someone may be trying to understand you instead of giving you a hard time, and all interpersonal issues seem to come down to the matter of giving versus taking. Confusion could present you with a unique opportunity to correct the situation and you need to recognize that little mistakes are easier to correct before their consequences get too big. Adversaries may growl, but no one bites. Slow down and be patient.

This should be a good day of intellectualizing for the Crab! The Pisces Moon lets you float free of the earthly bonds that have been dragging you down. Your new elevation makes you perceptive and attractive. Others are eager to join you as you explore new mysteries. Brainstorming with others could prove to be an advantage when working on projects. Youre quick to find your own rhythm, and the gears mesh harmoniously in a smoothly running machine. Talk big and dream even bigger. You have every reason to celebrate.

Take care in your dealings with others, particularly if the situation involves finances. You may find others a little too easy to manipulate and although you may think you have the whole story, some pieces may be missing. Hurt feelings may or may not matter to your long-term goal. Be sure that youre not poisoning the well in case you need water at some point in the future. Dont be alarmed when someone calls you a stick in the mud. You know what you like, you have your routine and you wont let anyone push you off course. Dynamic changes are for others right now.

Today may be a case of extremes, especially in personal relationships, and the outcome will be determined by your attitude. Stay positive! A relationship can blossom in a hospitable climate. Forget everything that went before and look for the silver lining. The person who matters most to you becomes a key element in your future. Even the most superficial people have a unique gem shining from somewhere in their hearts. Boosting morale should be your highest priority, even if nothing else gets done.

Be prepared for unexpected events, particularly around the office. Now is a good time to make changes to your routine and offer your help to others. Something may be missing from what could be the perfect situation. Theres nothing more frustrating than a puzzle that is almost solved. But instead of tallying up your losses, count your blessings. The people who surround you are far more important than the ebb and flow of your material wealth. The rest of the plan has yet to be revealed.

Use your hidden and not-so-hidden talents today to turn a dream into reality. Put your creativity to work and exercise it to its fullest potential. You will appear to be mysterious to others and your magical glow affects anyone who comes within range. Everybody has the power you are now exhibiting, but many dont recognize it or cant unlock it. Find the voice to share your wisdom. The Pisces Moon nudges you toward romance. Love lets itself in when you leave the door unlocked. Anyone who doesnt take advantage of your availability has only him- or herself to blame.

Philosophy may be the only way to cope with the ever-changing inner and outer worlds we all inhabit. Friends can help you organize and articulate, but the basic questions of existence will remain elusive and fascinating. This is your domain for the next few days. Somewhere deep inside theres a slight imbalance or a missing piece. Ripples from an unseen source can rock your world. Maybe you dont want to experience this alone. Find someone who is willing to help you along. You cant have too many details to satisfy your bottomless curiosity. At a certain point, the future becomes more interesting than the past.

Plan a romantic holiday. You will be creative and discriminating, choosing only the best. You may want to plan a cruise or some other watery vacation. You are intuitive right now and others are impressed. Your internal music comes flooding out. Others are amazed and delighted by your song. Prepare to leave a lasting impression on people who once had little or no opinion of you. It may feel like a contradiction, but material comfort actually seems to elevate your spiritual level. Security relaxes you. Be candid about your emotions and ambitions.

If you decide to be selfish for a day, those who truly understand you will forgive and forget. Sort out your true friends from the ones who are just along for the ride. Tolerance for others is compassions main ingredient. The Pisces Moon prompts you to make sure that all your senses are in good working order. Illusion can be a seductive force and relationships may feel the strain of something that normally shouldnt matter. Think before you speak to keep from saying something upsetting. Consider fasting financially as a gesture of detachment from the material world.

You are overflowing with kindness and compassion. Direct some of it internally so you dont miss the great gift you give to all others. Its a good day to lavish yourself with gifts! The Pisces Moon turns you into a creature of the moment, a rider of the flow. Dont think, just do -- the results are sure to be wonderful. Your charisma serves as a valid excuse for most kinds of harmless mischief. Others think you are wise because last-minute details dont faze you. Your public smile turns into helpless laughter once youre alone.

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