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Daily horoscopes
29th October, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

This is a day to discover and accept new things. At work, recruit from the short list when staffing a project. Someone may try to slow you down, but you can avoid them. Seek out like-minded friends to get support. They will be receptive to your new ideas. You may find you are eager to work with tools instead of contemplating their meaning, whether the tool is a computer, hammer or spoon. It would be a good time to try to cook a new dish or recipe. Fix some hardware or machinery or work on that home improvement project.

You will face a bit of a challenge today, probably the greatest one being just getting out of bed. You may run into people far more conservative than you are. They may try to start an argument, but avoid them if you can. They are just blowing off steam. If youll be driving in your car or cruising the roller coaster of the Internet, be sure not to go too fast. Slow down and take it all in. You may miss the sites. This is a good time to stop and check them out. You may find something new and fun. You know what they say about taking time to smell the roses!

You might find it hard to concentrate today. The world might interrupt your thoughts today, jolting you off on a different track. Your speech is peppered with words and phrases from other languages. You are entitled to change your opinions and may do so after consulting with agents and experts. Listen to other points of view. Write letters, exchange email and join chat rooms to gather more information. Gossiping and talking about rumors may consume your time today. For lunch or dinner, try new foods from foreign countries. Learn about new cultures and participate in the give and take of ideas with other people.

People might walk all over you today in response to the submissive energy you broadcast. Dont get emotional about it, even if they seem aloof. Present your case logically and back up your statement with facts. Take some time to think things through. Understanding a problem is only the first step to solving it. Look for ways to regenerate and rejuvenate. Take a break walk around the block before continuing. Watch out, as partners will have differences of opinion. Emotions will not sway them this time. Sit down, have a little talk and work it out. They will be understanding if you take time to explain things.

You may receive conflicting messages from past knowledge and your instincts. Someone may act haughty and pompous, but try to ignore them. Dont take anything their big ego induces them to say too personally. With the Moon in Aquarius, romance could surprise you today. A long-held objective might suddenly become irrelevant. Issues that seem huge today may dissolve tomorrow. Forget about the past. Revise your plans and move on. Tonight, go out and have fun with friends. They may provide new solutions to old problems.

An unpleasant rumor inspires you to take stock of your friendships and the reasons they exist. True friends are loyal and dont gossip about you. However, dont agonize over it. Excessive worry makes for restlessness and distraction. Go off by yourself and read a good book until you feel better. Then get out there and socialize. You have to realize you cant change others you can only change yourself. Try out new healthy activities to take your mind off your troubles. Volunteering your time may result in the introduction of new friends into your life.

With the Moon in Aquarius, new people, things and events are favored today. Seek out new experiences and youll meet others with ideas like your own. Dazzle them with your comments. Everyone will think you are witty and amusing. Get out there and socialize. Rediscover an intellectual connection with someone youve come to take for granted. Instead of focusing on looks, try to talk to a shy person who may turn out to be a good friend. Lovers find creative ways to make their life together even better. You will find that variety is the spice of life.

Consider working at home, as now would be a good time to telecommute. You need a quiet place to get your work done. Research and study could be highly beneficial at this time. Go to the library to check out facts and figures. You are open to new and original ideas and have the fixed mind to stay focused and determined. If youve been planning on a move at work or at home, make sure you have made all the preparations. Avoid conflicts with others today. Try to remain calm and see their point of view.

Today is a great day for communication. Write a letter, make a phone call, check your email it will be sure to pay off. Express yourself to others in new ways and you will accomplish a deeper connection and a greater personal understanding. Have heart-to-heart talks with friends abroad. Or, better yet, travel to visit them and renew old relationships. Participate in discussions to get new ideas from others. Strike up a conversation with someone you havent met and youll be rewarded with a new friend. Expand your social circle and extend invitations to others.

If you run into a wall with todays plan, pick yourself up and start planning for tomorrow. Dont get discouraged, just revise what you were already thinking. You can reach your goals if you stay flexible. Be cautious when considering unusual or untried options. Avoid people who have a history of unreliability. Someone may have a surefire plan, but it may be a risky business. Think long and hard before you commit. Consult experts before you decide to go ahead. Spend some time with your family and friends to get some ideas and support. Get some perspective on your life by listening to their advice.

The Moon is in your own Sign, giving you extra charisma and lots of appeal. Others will be impressed with your ability to be objective and your scientific approach to problems that need solving. The spotlight will be on you, so be sure you give your best performance. You might use this extra energy to help others. Visit a sick friend, help out at the local shelter or lend a friend some support. You may find that in helping that friend, you help yourself. Socialize tonight, as you will be very attractive to others. Your wit will charm that cute stranger.

It may be useful to keep track of your dreams in a journal. New insights and answers may come to you this way. It seems to your friends that you have all the answers today, but for some reason, they may not take you seriously. Content yourself with being a friend among friends. Dont worry if they ignore you they still care about you. They may be resistant to your ideas, but for now, leave the leadership issues for someone else. Perhaps your ideas are too new for them or you confuse them with concepts they arent familiar with. You can make a few suggestions later on.

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