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Daily horoscopes
26th October, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Today you are rock steady in your own pursuits, but you may find yourself on shaky ground with others. Acknowledging someone elses humanity and aspirations can only serve to stabilize. The Libra Moon opens your heart to understanding others. You are compassionate in personal relationships and tolerant in your public life. Including others in your plan helps you reach your goal rather than distracting you from it. There are many new opportunities opening up for you -- as well as a chance to toss out the old to make room for the new.

Negotiation and a possible marriage of the minds are capable today because of you! In your current state, you are willing to help others not directly related to your immediate goal this is a good time to collaborate with others on a mutually beneficial project. You posses an endearing etiquette at this time and are able to present your ideas in attractive ways. Spend today beautifying yourself or your surroundings. Grace, poise and finesse can be used to the hilt at this time, so whatever you pour your efforts into will be a rousing success. Romance is in the air, just waiting to become a physical reality! Prepare yourself for a magic moment.

Its another high energy day for lucky Gemini! The Libra Moon makes you irresistibly persuasive. Charm takes over where reason leaves off. Other peoples agreeable attitudes leave plenty of room for congenial, good-natured fun. It may be nice to be a spectator, but just imagine what could happen if you were to get actively involved. Everybodys story holds a piece of their own unique magic -- try opening up your heart and life to make room for others. This promises to be a good night for fireworks.

This lazy day may become hazy if you let a small conflict become something bigger. You will be planning for the future and these plans will more than likely be centered on your emotions. All you want is a quiet evening at home, topped off with a romantic dinner for two. These romantic fantasies disrupt your steady focus. Youre tempted to sweep your problems under the carpet, but all theyll do there is thrive and multiply in the dark warmth. Deal with all current issues head-on instead of sending them off to committee. Relationships demand complete honesty just take three deep breaths before you say a word!

This is a very active and highly social time for the Lion your grandeur cannot be diminished when expressed. You can talk your way into or out of anything. Others are simply destined to agree with anything that comes out of your mouth. Your efforts help restart something long considered immobile. Creative action results from a gathering of close friends, and all partnerships feature strong aspects of friendship. Romance is all around you, so speak your mind and others will come running. Your love light shines brightly, warming up an old or new relationship.

You feel the increasing pressure of a decision that needs to be made. Waiting too long is the equivalent of surrender. Your emotions will take you to places that your Virgo logic cant even imagine. Its past time for a heart-to-heart talk with whoever else is involved. Today is more about adapting than acquiring. Its time to start thinking about your money again as well. Fair is fair and whats yours is yours, but if everyone is going to contribute, each has a right to expect an appropriate return. Try to get along with others if possible. The most logical idea should win the day, no matter whose it is!

Turn yourself into the work of art that you are. Always stylish, well-groomed and put together, you would look fantastic even in secondhand rags. Surround yourself with the things that you love the most and everyone will be hypnotized. Your love is an all-consuming passion, placing you and your beloved in the eye of a storm. If single, you are destined to fall in love with someone or something before days end. Your sensual impulses take on an increasing urgency. Move out into the territory of the unexpected.

A staid, orderly lifestyle begins to feel boring. Dissatisfaction is sure to lead to an experiment or two. Theres no need to be afraid of the messages that your imagination is sending. Rest up and prepare yourself for the days to come. You have some pressing personal business that awaits you. If you dont have big plans for the evening, something spontaneous could turn it into a major event. A relationship might benefit from some intensive, hands-on therapy over the next few days.

Synergy is a heady force. Colleagues or friends generate some serious power when they come together. When it comes to doing the right thing in the right way, expense should be no object for you. Of course, the less you spend to achieve spectacular results, the happier everyone will be! Know when youve had too much of a good thing so that you can stop immediately. Your power of attraction may be working harder than you imagine as you find that fame carries an emotional impact when it takes you by surprise. Act without question on your gut feelings. Tread lightly on the edge of something wonderful!

All the social connections in town wont take the place of working for what you really want in life. Start new projects at the office or begin a different job altogether. You are the one who initiates what others have only dreamed about doing. Purposeful actions draw peoples attention better than words alone would ever do. You may not achieve your goal with a single days work, as you lack the necessary support of those who could make your life much easier. Give yourself an A for effort, then go take a rest. Lie down, close your eyes and keep your dream in sight!

Intelligence is about what you know, but also about how you learned it and how youll use it. You have the power to improvise your way through the rough spots. The excitement builds on itself when you keep things moving forward. Be sensitive to those not on your wavelength that hold opposing viewpoints. Interpretations may be subjective but the truth is universal. Keep your opinions out of the argument and let the facts speak for themselves. The Libra Moon brings out your humanitarian streak and helps you connect to others in many new and exciting ways. Your resources, applied in the right way, can benefit everyone.

The Libra Moon brings thoughts of money and other exchanges to your day. You may feel testy, demanding and critical -- very much out of character. Personal relationships feel the sting of your harsh judgment. If you must complain, try to be rational about it. Business and legal matters should be approached with great caution. Think twice about people who write big numbers on paper instead of announcing them verbally. Do not be hypnotized by the rainbow-colored reflections associated with an oil spill. Try to go with the flow and put off decisions until you are home again.

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