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Daily horoscopes
25th October, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Youll notice a strong emphasis on issues surrounding the self and partnerships today. Emotions will run high and it will be up to you to determine if the outcome is positive or negative. You may find yourself in positions where others are trying to persuade or manipulate you. Someone whom you thought was a friend may prove themselves to be otherwise. Make a decision rather than leaving it until later. A passive approach may be the best choice. Try not to be too competitive as you might come off second best. Take extra care with legal documents and business issues as well.

This is a good day to tidy up loose ends and get your priorities straight. Complete chores which you may have been avoiding for a while. You will notice the difference straight away and wonder why you didnt do it sooner! Make a change to your immediate environment. This might involve cleaning out the junk from your fridge and focusing on healthier foods. Someone may tempt you with sweets or other little luxuries, so try to control those urges. Communications with new people may prove fruitful today. If single, there may be romance in the air!

Your day gets more magical with each passing hour. Your good heart and sterling sense of duty are a winning combination. Youre in such high spirits that you have trouble telling the difference between work and play! Even the most challenging things come naturally. You have the ability and the will to shape events. With all this power in your hands, make sure your motives are pure. Maybe someone else really wants to finish the project. Blaze your trail for the next few days and let others scurry about building the road behind you!

The Libra Moon continues to disrupt your partnerships and your comfortable existence. Family members may be unhappy with you today and it could be your fault. There is some energy or discussion about changing residences or something else you wont feel very comfortable with. Somebody uses pride and stubbornness as defensive weapons -- could this be you? Work out a compromise. Along with everyone else, you need to calm down and start speaking from your heart. By this evening be open to creating your own romantic story -- you are in charge of the ending.

Leos are easily charmed by flattery and words of praise or admiration. You may encounter a charming manipulator today without even realizing it! Romance fills the air due to communication and someones disarming way with words. You may think your own ideas and opinions are the only ones worth listening to. Youll be in for a big surprise if you decide to follow this path today. Try not to let your ego get in the way of making a rational judgment about something or someone. People will be receptive to what you have to offer. Reach out and make contact.

Things have gone far enough. If others see you as the bad guy, thats definitely just their problem. Time is sure to prove you right. Forgiving and healing can come later. It may be time for you to intervene and impose your will. While others may not be lying outright, they could be in denial. You could have a financial gain, either through your own efforts or through the assistance of a parent, boss or other authority figure. If you need to be sure of something before making a stand, find it out for yourself instead of relying on third-hand information. Your head is level enough that nothing can surprise you.

This should be an excellent day for Librans. With the Moon in your Sign success is within your reach, even if you dont care about succeeding right now. You have the power to do anything you want and the natural grace to look good while doing it. Pull out all the stops and let your true nature emerge into the light. Venus transforms you into a creature of grace. Anyone who doesnt fall in love with you over the next few days is a complete fool. Accept someone new at face value and delight in discovering the layers underneath. Strong friendships will develop.

Think before you speak. Conversational currents might sweep you far away from the point that you hope to make. A hug is your shortcut to all those words that arent finding their way out. Keep your smile easy and your eyes wide open. You may be placing your trust in the wrong set of friends, or your faith in the wrong events. Your hopes are realistic, though. Confidence returns and motivation is close behind it. Starting over is a unilateral decision. Be prepared to go your own way if others refuse to follow. Consequences may not be obvious right now but will become clear soon enough.

You may find yourself in situations where you can exhibit personal generosity, integrity and inspiring leadership. Now that you have the attention of your desired audience, youre ready to go for the gold. The Libra Moon has elected you to be chief problem solver -- use your position responsibly. Say what needs to be said then stop. You make your point through subtlety, not overkill. Your only strategy at the moment is the truth and whatever it brings to the lives that it touches.

Career advancement is likely to be an issue for the next few days. Relationships with parents, supervisors and other authority figures may be stretched today as you seek to promote your own goals and reputation. You may feel others are holding you back and that you can do the job better by yourself. Reality might prove you wrong. This is a time for assessment and patience. Partnerships will be extremely important as theyll open up new opportunities for the Goat. Consider what youd say about this phase of your life if you were writing your memoirs. Work on your sense of balance to eliminate the low points.

Broaden your base of support. The only reason why you arent further ahead is that not enough people know about you and your unique talents. Your message may speak for itself, but turning on the charm certainly couldnt hurt. The Libra Moon gives you the harmonious energy to win people over to your cause. Do something useful with the audience that you attract. Disruption may even be welcome when everyone understands that its for the best. This is a great time for teamwork and emotional bonding.

You will be a great help to others for the next few days. However, this could be an emotional few days and your personal life may seem a bit confusing. There are so many sides of a situation that trying to decide on which one to focus on may be impossible. You may find yourself more demanding and critical today -- particularly in personal relationships. What you should do to handle these emotions may remain unclear during this phase. You will be able to decide with clarity once the Moon moves out of dualistic Libra.

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