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Daily horoscopes
11th May 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

The power of the Moon leaving your Sign suggests that you encompass all of the knowledge of the ages. You know that you are a supreme being, but friends and associates may not be so quick to agree. Try to stay human prove your divinity with your actions. Theres nothing worse than someone who insists on bragging about how great they are. Others will be convinced if you show instead of tell. Tonight use your magnetic appeal to gain the acquaintance of a secret crush.

Look for your confidence level to finally rise today, Taurus. Self-worth finally wins its wrestling match with self-image as you realize that the two dont necessarily have to be linked. You dont have to prove whats important to yourself or anybody else. As the Moon moves out of Aries, take the first step to end this cautious period and make your life exciting again. Tonight there is a possibility for a new romance if you play your cards right. Do everything you can in order to make a good first impression.

Be very careful how you conduct yourself as the Moon leaves Aries today, Gemini. Everything you do or say is magnified to many times its original size, and theres no running from it. Your message improves as you realize the effect it is having on others. This is a good day to hold meetings in order to get your point across to a large group of important people. Dare to be bold when setting out your agenda and make sure you have done the necessary preparation in order for it to be a success.

As the Moon drifts out of Aries, your self-confidence has a tendency to lag, and you are once again tempted to let someone else do your thinking for you. If you feel inconsequential and are unhappy about it, stand up and speak out. You have to start somewhere if you want to take charge of your own life. Its time to stop feeling like someone else is in control of your destiny. Your future is much brighter if you start to take responsibility for it right now. There is no time like the present.

Get ready for a busy day, Leo. The Aries Moon puts a fire under you and sends you springing into action. Start making real plans about something youve just been thinking about. Getting this project off the ground could mean big success down the road. Later in the day, a favor may be asked of you by a friend or family member. Try not to think about the task as much as its impact. Nothing is as hard as it seems today anyway. Everything turns out to be fun, even the serious stuff.

Just the facts, maam. As the Moon leaves Aries, you are in no mood to argue about the gray areas, Virgo. A little skepticism will go a long way today. This isnt the best time to read mystery novels or watch science fiction movies -- you have no tolerance for anything that doesnt seem real. Make sure you are paying attention to your responsibilities later in the day. The other side of generosity is knowing when to say no. Pay outstanding bills before making any snap diagnoses of your fiscal health.

If you feel like being alone today, blame it on the influence of the Aries Moon. Your inward focus draws you out of human society and away from the people who care about you. An unexpected event later in the day forces you into a soul-searching mood. Dont feel guilty about shutting your door in order to get some peace and quiet. Your true friends will understand. Looking through old scrapbooks and photo albums tonight is helpful in lifting your mood. With just a little extra thought, you could learn a lot about yourself and others.

Sometimes its okay to feel a little superior, especially when the Moon is in Aries. Take comfort in your own excellence because no one else might be interested today. Being smug is fine if it keeps you from being bitter. You may have no other choice than to go on with the day feeling unappreciated. Its time you realized that true magic and wonder have nothing to do with the opinions of others. It should be enough for you to know in your heart that youve succeeded beyond your wildest dreams.

With all the astrological fire flying around today, even the coldest leftovers are transformed into a flaming pie. Simple pleasures turn gloriously hot. Everything becomes a sensual experience. Excess doesnt feel like quite enough. On this day, anything can happen. Be prepared for the strange and the glorious to appear from out of nowhere. Dive headfirst into an adventure of the soul. Take along a friend or go it alone. Friendly people appear around every corner tonight, so youre never truly alone.

The Aries Moon finds you rooted in the physical world. Be vigilant in deals and transactions that involve material goods. Use basic logic to figure out whether or not its a good bargain or not. Dealing with money is easy today if you use your natural instincts. Make small improvements on your environment while waiting for something big to happen. If you cant find anything better to do, clean out your office or clear up the clutter on your desk. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears tuned in to whats going on around you so that you dont miss out of your big opportunity.

Theres no problem gaining attention and admiration today as the Moon makes its way out of Aries. You will speak, and friends will share your vision. Join a group and let your ideas be known, as they are bound to be well-received. Teaming up with someone who shares your thinking could lead to big things. Dont break your arm patting yourself on the back, there may be others to do it for you. Tonight avoid staying at home. Go out with friends or coworkers who can keep your mood light.

A wise philosopher once said, Keep your mind on your money, and your money on your mind. Dont allow your finances to steer your emotions, as the end will leave you flat. If its necessary to make a big decision concerning your money, do so only after thinking about all of your options. Consulting a professional in this field may not be a bad idea. Be sure to be open to new ideas and theories when it comes to mending a business relationship. If you arent willing to work toward a compromise, what you want may not be exactly what you get.

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