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Daily horoscopes
6th May 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

You may be wearing your heart on your sleeve today, which also may result in a positive outcome. People will take notice of you more so than usual so be clear in your communication. Say exactly whats on your mind and dont try to influence their judgment one way or the other. You wont get a fair trial if you try to bribe the jury! As the Moon passes through your sector, you will be treated to a great reward. Be on the lookout for someone this evening who wants to show you what living life to its fullest is all about.

Theres too much going around you today to possibly concentrate, let alone get much done, Taurus. Escape from a cluttered life into your own private world. There seems to be no point involving yourself in the frenzied activities of others. Let them run around like chickens with their heads cut off -- but do it from a safe distance as to avoid becoming involved in the insanity. Tonight do your best to stay away from crowds. Choose your own narrative line with a book or movie.

Try to shed the attitude that if you dont do it yourself, it wont get done properly. Sharing a responsibility with your friends can be a big job, but the rewards are many. The benefits from working as part of a team are much greater than the negative aspects. If there must be a leader, let it be you. Volunteer your services for the job before someone with less vision does. Define your terms at the beginning and stick to them, no matter what. A simple truth is all the more beautiful for being so obvious.

Out with the old and in with the new is the motto of the day, Cancer. New ideas and new ways of expressing them are the currency of the moment, although there is no harm in looking to the past for inspiration. As the Moon moves into Aries, self-promotion is favored today, as long as it doesnt happen at a friends expense. Your positive change could benefit everyone. Doing something for someone in need this evening lets others see you in a more positive light.

You have strong opinions, but they change depending on who else might be in the conversation. If you hope to get anything done, you need to be serious about something. The first step to success is deciding on one course of action. Of course, with the Moon in Aries, you might not need to do anything today. Spend the day planning out your next step instead of actually following through with it. Make lists and organize things to get ready to put the project into action. Tonight is the perfect time to clean things up around the house.

Sometimes you have no choice in the matter, especially when the Moon is in Aries. Today is one of those days! An obligation drags you somewhere you would rather not go. Should you free yourself from a continuing indignity? Saying no comes with a price, but in the end, youre the one with whom you have to live. Perhaps its best to finish the task and then take a vow not to do it again. Make sure, if you decline a friend the help they think they deserve, that you do so in a diplomatic way.

When the Moon visits Aries, Venus is in an aggressive mood and so are you. You may find yourself forcing some aspect of a relationship. Whatever happens, good or bad, remember that it is of your own making. You are the master of your own destiny, and the sooner you own up to that, the better. Make sure you spend some time today sorting through your list of ever-growing priorities. Start with the most important and work your way down to the bottom. The order may surprise you even if youre honest.

As the Moon enters Aries today, you dont feel like yourself. Contrary to your typical Scorpio nature, you feel like rushing ahead without much planning or forethought. Arriving early provides you with new insight from your shortcut. You might be wondering what the fuss was all about, and you realize that your impulsiveness has brought on a different set of problems. At least youll know better for next time, that is, if you choose not to block this unfortunate episode from your memory!

Yes, one again the Moon is in Aries, and its time for romance and creativity. Then again, when do Sagittarians not have fun? Spend some time with children -- you will get in touch with your goofy side. Playing a game or reading a book from your childhood can spark some of the magic inside of you. A bit of unexpected travel or an encounter with a visitor may become significant. Doing something wild and spontaneous can help you solve a problem thats been on your mind these past few days.

Strange bedfellows are trapped as the Moon creeps into Aries today. You may not have chosen your companions for todays ordeal, but you seem to be stuck with them until its all over. Old prejudice is temporarily suspended as you struggle to work as part of a team. Something you learn about a nemesis will have you feeling quite sympathetic toward them this evening, Capricorn. This is a good day to set aside your differences for the good of the majority.

Although your mother told you to never leave anyone out, there is a good reason to do just that today, Aquarius. When making new friends, threes a crowd. There is electricity in the tight focus of person-to-person communication, and there isnt enough to go around. Lust or some other form of self-interest may be at the heart of the matter, but for now, who cares? Theres something wonderful to be gained by pursuing this opportunity. Concentrate all of your energy into bringing this to fruition. You will not be sorry!

People including yourself wonder what has brought about your change of attitude today, Pisces, and you arent able to give them any answers. Possessive behavior is out of character for you, but you cant seem to help yourself today. Conceal that which you would prefer not to share and dont feel obligated to tell anyone your private thoughts. Do your best to avoid ill feelings if someone accidentally crosses your boundaries, especially since you dont have them clearly marked. Decline an invitation from a family member for this evening if your mood doesnt improve.

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