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Daily horoscopes
5th May 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

The worst thing you can do right now is give up, Aries. You should remain faithful to your cause, even if it no longer seems to make sense. Besides, youre so close to finding what you seek. Deeper messages are not always obvious from the surface. You may have to approach this from many different angles before you see what you are meant to discover. Tonight, try to act on principle instead of doing something you may regret. Following the crowd will only get you in trouble.

As the Moon moves through Pisces, you feel abandoned by everything youve known to be true in the past. You sure could use some positive support right now. Be compassionate toward your friends, and they will extend the same courtesy to you. Starting a support group with close friends is a good idea. Make sure you make time for the most important people in your life this evening. Time spent among people just like you minimizes the friction in your life.

As any officer of the law will tell you, ignorance of the law is no excuse. This is true in the Court of Life as well, Gemini. Use your good judgment from the beginning to avoid the humiliation of having to beg for mercy later on. Read the signs and apply them to the bigger picture. What makes you think that the regular laws dont apply to you, anyway? Tonight, be on your best behavior and apologize immediately for any misunderstandings. Youll need all the people on your side that you can get.

Romance, inspiration or plain old joy of living leaves you moonstruck as the Moon moves through Pisces today. Daydreaming takes precedence over any other pastime, so try to avoid detail oriented tasks or the operation of heavy machinery. You are a poet, dreamer and lover whose feet barely touch the earth. Spread your positive energy around as much as possible, especially to people who could use some extra attention. Concentrate your efforts on a family member who is going through a rough time.

Perfectionists appear to be doing stellar work, but are constantly dissatisfied and unfulfilled. Even as you seem to be spinning your wheels, others stand in awe. Giving advice lets you feel better, but make sure you dont get too caught up in other peoples high opinions of you. You lose valuable time by stopping to pat yourself on the back. Avoid dealing with financial issues that havent reached emergency status. Tonight, be aware that everything that glitters is not always gold.

Youve opened the right book, but youre on the wrong page, Virgo. Your thoughts are excellent, but they are on the wrong subject. You may experience flashes of brilliance in a time of great confusion. Your inspirations will be vital once you can figure out how to use them. Look to other great people in your field for inspiration -- much can be learned from the lessons of the past. Try to mold yourself after someone you have great respect for, and youll soon reap the rewards.

As the Moon drifts through Pisces, you have the sneaking suspicion that you are going to succeed in spite of yourself, Libra. You may be the model Conspirator, but everyone will fall if there is a weak link in the chain. Secrets cannot flourish in a constantly changing environment. Work for superficial improvement today. Trying to stick to a schedule will prove to be more frustrating than if you hadnt made one at all. Make sure you reschedule any appointments that are canceled immediately.

You leave the familiar for places unknown today, Scorpio. As the Moon moves through Pisces, events require you to travel or plan a trip. A loose end might ensure a bumpy ride or, at worst, delivery to an unexpected destination. Whatever happens, you are likely to have fun with the results. Opening your mind to the possibilities is only the first step you need to take. Allow yourself to let go of some of the habits you hold onto so tightly and you may get to like the free-spirited lifestyle.

Somethings about to happen, you can feel it, cant you, Sagittarius? Youre troubled by a sense of something big just over the horizon. Research the history of a situation to better understand where it may go next. Knowledge is the first step toward action. Your keys and other personal items have a habit of walking away when under the influence of the Pisces Moon. You may have to keep an ongoing list of where youve placed things in order to keep your sanity. Tonight, stay in if possible.

This is one day where you wish you had unlimited resources, Capricorn. Your romance may be getting too big for the confines of daily life. This is a good time to consider a little vacation, particularly if it involves a watery setting. Do whatever your budget allows -- you dont have to spend a lot of money to have a good time. Although quality is high on your list of requirements, a little creativity can go a long way in the romance department. Making things happen is only a thought away.

All of the sudden your sunny skies have turned to gray, Aquarius. As the Moon drifts through Pisces, reality sneaks up on you. Bills rain upon you like falling leaves, and the piper is requesting payment. You are faced with the bottom line. With luck, you will learn from this experience. This is a good time to set up a personal budget so that things dont get so out of control next time. Dont put off until tomorrow what you can and should do today!

The Moon moves through your Sign, and all seems right with the world, Pisces. The person in the mirror is a fine sight indeed, but why stop there? You are just as charming to others as you are to yourself. Take this unique power outside and see what kind of positive effect you have on the world. This is the perfect opportunity to catch the eye of the fair prince or maiden youve been admiring from afar. No one is able to resist your magic spell once it is cast. Tonight, an invitation for fun finds its way to your mailbox.

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