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Daily horoscopes
22nd March 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Although most people dont know this about you, everything isnt exactly as it appears to be, is it, Aries? You may look delicate, but theres nothing vulnerable about you under the Aquarius Moon. Your leadership is so radical that you might lose your more conventional followers. This is a time to be tactful yet unyielding in your pursuit of what you want. Be patient with those who dont get it. If you have to explain something more than once, do so with a smile. If you cant find a way for everyone to cooperate, this project might not succeed.

Why is it so hard to get a little peace and quiet? Whatever plan youve made for the day, it might be best to set them aside. People crowd suddenly into your day, rendering your schedule useless. Exhibit flexibility and compassion or doom yourself to great tedium. Be ready with Plan B in case friends or business associates cancel on you at the last minute. You are more effective once you can convince yourself of your own sincerity. Tonight find an activity that lets you forget the frustrations of the workday.

The truth makes you the most popular person in town when you deliver it with a little bit of bluffing and sleight-of-hand. After all, a little white lie never hurt anyone. As the Moon leaves Aquarius, you come up with some interesting ideas, and your strange approach is truly original. Some of your unintended results may surprise you. It might be best to stay in the background, though, until you have some time to perfect the details. Showing your ideas to your boss or colleagues at this stage may result in disaster.

When the Moon is in Aquarius, you have a tendency to over dramatize things, Cancer. Know thyself, but only within reason. You are personalizing everything a little too much. There are some events that have nothing to do with your process. The true center of the universe lies elsewhere. Spend some time sorting out your priorities today. Figuring out where your family, career and social life fit into the grand scheme of things may help you find your own place in life. Dont ask for a family members opinion unless you are ready for a dose of truth.

Everything isnt either black or white, Leo. There may be more than one answer today. Reading between the lines and into the gray areas is necessary in most areas of your life right now. Someone else is just as right as you are. Although you work hard to get your point of view across, a compromise is the only way this situation can be resolved. Leo is particularly insufferable when the Moon is in Aquarius. Whatever is bothering you, get over it. Others are not amused. Spending time alone this evening may be your only choice if you continue to offend your friends and family.

Even though you know all the answers, take into consideration the fact that everyone isnt as lucky as you. Dont be condescending toward someone who is having a hard time. You dont know as much about other peoples issues as you think you do. Asking questions may only further complicate the situation. Accept them for who they are and help them as much as possible. Believe in your senses instead of the stories that you tell yourself. Try to stick close to home tonight instead of going out. A phone call or visit form someone could come as a surprise.

The Moon is in Aquarius, and you are ready for something to happen. Can sex, love and intellectual connection find their focus in just the right pairing of hearts at just the right time? You are about to find out. Dont look too hard in search of answers -- let them come to you instead. Sometimes its easy to miss something that is right in front of your face. Enjoy short term gains, but do not confuse them with long term goals. Accept things for what they are right now, at this very moment. The future can wait.

Keep an open mind today, Scorpio, and look on in wonder as doors open up before you. Stay open to all possibilities, although it should be clear from the start which are the most viable. The Aquarius Moon wants to shake things up, but the Sun demands that rules be observed even if theres no way to enforce them. Use your natural intuition as your guide as you walk down new paths today. Youll know immediately if something feels right or not. An unexpected invitation for this evening may seem flattering, but if you use your head instead of your heart youll realize it for what it truly is.

Its time to get out of that slump and out of the house today, Sagittarius! It has been happening slowly, but if you look around you will realize that things have changed. You barely notice crossing the invisible line and entering a friendship. The Aquarius Moon heightens your social skills to record levels. People who work in sales or service jobs get excellent performance reviews. In your social life, make sure you accept every invitation that comes your way. Someone is out there waiting to meet you, so be sure to make it easy for them.

Its easy to sink into excess -- and hard to overcome a bad habit. As the Moon moves through Aquarius, its time to look around and try to eliminate whats disagreeable from your lifestyle. Dont become overly dependent on a resource that might soon vanish. Your future lies well beyond the world of instant gratification and short-term gain. Putting your priorities in order is a good place to start. Even if its as simple as cleaning up the kitchen or straightening up your bedroom, youve got to start somewhere. Start small and work your way up to more important issues.

You know how to get around the rules without exactly breaking them. Being a bit sneaky at times has its advantages, and this is definitely one of those times where it can come in handy. For Aquarians, the physics of loopholes is a perfectly valid science. The changes you make will be so positive that your methods will be forgiven. Once your friends or coworkers see the results of your latest project, they will be willing to forgive the less-than-truthful approach you may have taken. In this case, everyone agrees that the end justifies the means.

Knowing the answers is useless when no one asks you any questions. As long as there isnt a crisis, you see no reason to come forward with your wisdom. Resist the urge to feel guilty about your silence. People in positions of authority have every reason to look to you for answers, but they have failed to do so. Friendship is a safe haven for the misunderstood genius. Confiding in a trusted friend may put your mind to ease. Tonight is the perfect time to relax. Gazing at the Aquarius Moon may soothe your spirit.

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