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Daily horoscopes
21st March 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

This may be your time to lead, but it would help if you knew where you were going. A hands-on approach works to your advantage. Despite your fascination with the dashboard, keep your eyes on the road. No matter how tempting it may be to veer off the road and onto the sidewalk, that always ends in disaster except in the movies! It might be a good idea to relinquish some of your power to a copilot for now. If you have some of the burden taken off of you, you may find it easier to concentrate on the task at hand.

Look out for those little details today, Taurus. One minute you think youre doing fine, and the next you fell like youre falling apart. An energy drain could turn even the smallest glitch into the straw that breaks the camels back. The law of survival suggests that its everyone for him or herself. You may want to leave town for a few days. If it isnt possible to get away right now, at least do something to relax your nerves. A bubble bath or professional massage should do the trick.

Theres no time to stand around in a corner if you want to get your point across today, Gemini. Be proud of your opinions, no matter how strange or unpopular they are. Independent thinking is a rare trait among those afraid or unable to deviate from the norm. Dont be afraid to say exactly whats on you mind just because you think people wont accept it. Voicing an unpopular opinion may even get you noticed by that person whose attention youve been trying to capture. No matter what you do, you will certainly get peoples attention.

You cant please everyone all the time, so you might want to try a different approach than normal today, Cancer. As the Moon moves through Aquarius, its a good idea to concentrate on pleasing yourself rather than others. When discussing an important topic, remember that less is better when it comes to talking about the future with unsympathetic people. By seeming flexible to others, you have more room to conduct your private business. Tonight find the time to spend some quiet time alone with your thoughts or a good book.

As the Moon moves through Aquarius today, you may be tempted to follow your heart rather than your head. The problem is that, although instinct defies reason, you cant tell which set of clues to follow. The one sure thing about romance is that it will catch you unaware and confuse you. You begin to wonder about a goal youve been pursuing. Remember that once you start questioning a current relationship theres no turning back. Dont place a shadow of a doubt somewhere where it might be in the way.

As the Moon moves through Aquarius, you feel like there is a big light bulb turning on above your head. Things that were hidden are now coming to light. This is not the easiest time, though, especially when the more predatory individuals may be out for personal gain. Do your best not to give any secrets away, especially to people youve just met or dont trust. Bewildered people can benefit from your knowledge as well, so be sure you know who is on your side and who isnt.

Thanks to the position of the Moon, you are a people person today. The Moon in Aquarius enhances your skills as a friend and lover. In the unlikely event that you felt selfish enough to enter a popularity contest, you would win easily. This is the perfect day to catch up with people that have slipped away in the past. Make phone calls and write letters. Tonight you should have several invitations to choose from, so put on your best clothes and paint the town red.

Sometimes its best to know when to just give up, Scorpio. When everything falls apart, the best response is to just start over. Sympathy is a bandage, not a cure. Playing off other peoples emotions wont do you any good anyway. You have to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and head into your next venture all by yourself. Working your way out of a dilemma is perfect therapy for any deeper damage that may have occurred. Tonight try to take some time to go over what you may have done differently if you had the chance to do it all again.

As the Moon moves through Aquarius, your creative juices start to flow. Inspiration leaps out of its hiding place and strikes you with a full body blow. The world changes color as you stagger with the impact of your ideas. If youve been holding back, now is the time to start talking. Find anyone you can who will listen to what you have to say. You are especially impressive in meetings and brainstorming sessions with other people who think along the same lines as you.

This is a good day to concentrate on financial matters, Capricorn. Review your investments, but dont act on your findings just yet. The stock market, job market and marketplace of ideas are all fluid and volatile. Take some time to discuss a future moneymaking plan with a potential client or business partner. Feel out your prospects without giving away all of the details. The Aquarius Moon puts your emphasis on thoughts over deeds. Tonight is the perfect time to stay in and get your financial papers in order.

Like any catalyst, the changer is changed as the Moon drifts dreamily into Pisces. The world moves in slow motion around your heightened perceptions. Now is the time to begin absorbing your recent craziness. Take as much time as you need today, Aquarius, and dont let anyone pressure you into moving at any pace other than your own. If a partner or friend is giving you a hard time, it might be best to request some time alone. Your thoughts are all the company you need right now.

Are you still asleep or is this reality? The world is such a strange and silly place that its almost like you never woke up from your dream. The best part is that no one else realizes the nature of their performance. Go about your day as if everything is normal, but be sure to take as many daydreaming breaks as possible. This secret is too good to share. Spend some quiet time at home tonight writing in your journal or reading a good book. Mysteries may be especially appealing.

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