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Daily horoscopes
20th March 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Yesterdays sudden awareness about the power of including others in your projects may be going to your head! Pay attention to issues of control and influence. Your power over others helps you enlist their cooperation, and you could find yourself growing cocky or careless in your decisions. Or, perhaps you might begin to feel burdened with the weight of all of that responsibility. Be sure to look up and see who is pulling your own strings, because the buck does not necessarily stop with you. Once you know who has control, youll be better positioned to get what you need.

Its full speed ahead with you, Taurus. Key elements have clicked into place, and you are surprisingly productive. Why stop once youve hit your minimum? As long as it feels good, keep on doing it. Set yourself a higher standard for which to aim, and keep your pace until you feel ready to stop. Its amazing what you can accomplish when youre in the right space for it. However, take care not to get carried away with the energy and overdo it. You and your work will suffer if you rush or work sloppily. The key is in listening to your body and letting it tell you when its time to stop.

Its another day of bounty for Geminis, with the Moon in Libra contributing to your inner glow. Today you could swing just about anything you set your mind to. You could be the guest lecturer on any subject of your choice. You could lead a hike, be a tour guide or paint a masterpiece. An excess of raw creativity allows you to start several unplanned projects, which will hit the ground running! If you have a partner, send a special gift and prepare to be there when he or she receives it. If you work or live alone, give yourself a gift, you deserve it! Its time to celebrate all of the good work that youve done.

Today is another day to protect your sacred space, both inner and outer. Go home, stay inside and dont answer the door. The Libra Moon makes you want to hide in your shell. You may feel guilty about this need, but you shouldnt. It is vital to your well-being that you get enough quiet time to refuel and replenish. Those who care about you and work with you should understand your need they have needs of their own. If you havent done so already, you can explain to them that it is an integral part of your life. They should respond well, but if they dont, let it pass. You wont feel this way all the time, and when you do, you have the right to withdraw.

While you often feel as though your opinion is worth sharing, today you may actually be right! Your bright mind and quick wit are in top form, and others will be delighted with what you have to share. Divulge whatever ideas and opinions youve been keeping to yourself, and youll appreciate the response you get. Try not to be too opinionated, though! You might repel others with the strength of your convictions. When youre through sharing, ask others for honest feedback and be open toward accepting whatever they share. It helps to hear what you might be doing wrong!

Lately, you may be finding yourself a little overly impressed with money and material possessions. Perhaps you are spending a bit too much time with people whose material values you dont truly share, or perhaps youre coveting something you know you dont truly want or need. Money buys image and attitude, but then what? Do you really want to be friends with people attracted to the superficial? No matter how much money you do or dont have, youll find your possessions have little to do with your happiness. Step back, breathe, reexamine your values, and find more meaningful uses for your hard-earned cash.

Youre headstrong, Libra. No matter what the odds of success are, or whether signs are pointing in the opposite direction, youll do whatever pleases you. The only person who may be able to talk you out of it is another Libra. If one so attempts, hear them out, the words could be pure wisdom. On the other hand, your persuasive skills are at their peak, so you may not need to listen for long. You have the diplomatic skills to say anything to anyone. Even those who disagree with you will be charmed.

Like yesterday, today finds you in search of terra incognito. You want to go where you havent been before, and your mind wanders out of the rational boundaries and into some private reserve unheard of by others. On the one hand, this is a fruitful endeavor it could teach you things about yourself that you really need to know. On the other hand, just because you think it doesnt mean you should do it. Some ideas are just not right for the times. How do you know which are and which arent? Wait a few days, think things through, and see what sticks.

You may want to take care of all of your business on your own, but your plans take on a glowing light when they include someone dear to you. Remember to open up to those around you and invite them in to help with whatever youre working on, whether its a project for work or a bit of personal growth. Sagittarians in relationships will be especially powerful this weekend, so grab your partner and take him or her for a romantic drive into the country, or make him or her a delicious meal as a surprise after work. Your forward progress is directly related to your level of focus.

Your efforts could be supremely frustrated right now, having run into some sort of roadblock that is not within your control. Unfortunately, futility could be the theme of the next few days. Dont despair. Do whatever is possible, and at least you can say that you tried. Some people would give up, but youll be proud of yourself if you dont. Perhaps you can use the time in another way, or you can work on something else that needs attention while your current project waits. This is the time to lean on those special people who always make you feel better. They wont fail you now!

There is often a very large gap between thought and action, and you are concerned with bridging it. You spend a lot of time considering ways to put your words into action. Your vision already has a willing audience, so the trick is to harness the energy that you have managed to inspire and get it working toward the goal that you have set. The key may be in connecting with someone outside your usual range of activity. Ask your contacts for their contacts, and make some calls to people you barely know. You may feel shy at first, but somebody in your periphery could have the information that you truly need.

An old pattern reappears, reminding you of your reasons for getting rid of it last time. You must have waited long enough for it to be back in style. It is likely to look a little frumpy, whether it involved clothing or a pattern in your way of thinking. Remember why you said good-bye and reevaluate from there. Originality is welcome as long as you start small. Piece by piece may eventually lead to perfection. Dont let anyone get between you and the door. It could open with an opportunity, or you may need to make a quick getaway.

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