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Daily horoscopes
28th February 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

No matter how independent you may feel, no person is an island. When you spend too much time alone, you have a tendency to do things to harm yourself. You might need someone else in your life to break those self-destructive cycles. Whether its a dear friend, a member of your family or a lover, choose someone who will be kind and understanding as well as strong. Dont mistake criticism or freely given advice for true concern. The voice of reason speaks in loving, compassionate tones, and is not punishing. Power tastes and feels better when shared, so spread the wealth when you reap it.

Feeling integrated, Taurus? The Stars are aligned for a whole body experience. The next few days find you both realistic and creative, a winning combination. Flights of fancy take wing from razor sharp observations, and winning insights are gleaned from wild endeavors. Write, sing, dance, paint and plan -- that project youve been putting off, a vacation or a meaningful conversation that you havent yet had time for. Suddenly, youll be able to do the same old thing in three completely new ways all at once. Others may express wonder and envy at the ease with which you operate, but theyll only want to share in the joy!

In a rut lately, Gem? Perhaps youre not allowing yourself to try to new things and opinions lately. Your own thoughts and words sound too familiar, almost as if you were quoting someone else. Time for a refresher of some kind! Take a course, a hike or a vacation! Read a new book or volunteer for a good cause. Stirring up the daily details of your life is a good thing. Once youve jump-started your life, you wont worry as much about whose ideas are whose. The effect of what you do may be more important than who came up with it in the first place. Check the copyright first, if it really bothers you.

Sometimes you may want to just let go, but today is a day to seize an opportunity and take a more active role. Youve worked hard and long, and now its a good idea to focus on harvesting the fruits of your labor. How can they best be stored and used? Remember that its easy to be philosophical about money when you have a comfortable life, but you may not be comfortable forever. Was there ever a time when you had less than you do now, or when you were given the opportunity to walk in someone elses shoes? A practical discussion with a partner turns into a high-spirited dialogue.

Leos are usually generous and wide open to the world, but today is a bit out of character. You may not be feeling ready to give anybody but yourself time, attention, gifts or money. Perhaps these feelings stem from a sense of not having what you truly want despite having worked hard to get it. For now, try not to worry about what you dont have, and focus on turning your dreams into reality. Its perfectly all right to withdraw for as long as necessary. Meanwhile, you can focus on getting what you want. Negative energy could dampen your spirits, so concentrate on the positive. You can do it!

Label those folders and file those papers, Virgo. Organization is your keyword for the day. Your ability to stand back and view the landscape works to your advantage. You can make decisions quickly and create a system for where everything should go. Amazingly, you are able to keep your own house in order even as you help guide others through their personal mazes. Today is a promising time to start something new, with or without others. What have you been putting on the back burner? Make some time in your busy schedule to bring it to the front, at least for a look.

You may sometimes find yourself in the company of too many people who dont appreciate you fully, so spend the day with someone who loves you for who you are. Your joy and happiness have a tendency to spread to those around you. If you stay positive about your life and yourself, your friends and associates will benefit. When in the right company, you can find a new vigor for life that helps you get through the working week. It always helps to treat yourself to something special -- perhaps flowers, or a little gift youve been wanting, or even a hike or a warm bath.

Today, youre a people person, Scorpio. Regardless of how youve been feeling with respect to others recently, you connect with others who share your interests or goals -- and maybe even some who dont. Share ideas and projects, feelings and opinions, and marvel at the beneficial outcome. Its up to you to set the tone by being the generous friend or gracious host. Others may come to you for guidance or assistance. Remember that listening is always the most important part of lending a hand. There is room for all opinions. Just letting someone you care about express theirs is a good deed!

You may be tempted to use your influence to show up others faults, but dont bait someone who is in a bad mood. That may be just asking for trouble, especially in the small work of the office. Workplace conflict could quickly become unbearable for a captive audience you wont have anywhere to hide from the results of your careless actions, and others will not look upon you kindly. Gossip is all too easily mistaken for documented facts, so take care to say no more than you know is true. Simply focus on your own responsibilities, and you will be rewarded for taking the high road in a tough situation.

Good cheer and high organization mark your next few days under the Virgo Moon. You have found a place for everything and categories that are all encompassing. The processes are quite perfect, if you do say so yourself. Your powerful handshake is the one that seals the deal. There may be a line of people waiting to do just this. Its no secret that the better you feel, the better you will look. Your beauty is exuded from within and creates an aura all around you. Your attitude is everything.

Its often good to stick to your guns, but sometimes you also have to sway in the wind. Unless you want to make others angry, try being a little more flexible than usual, even if it means compromising some of your feelings or beliefs. Let someone else speak, even if you dont agree. There may actually be more than one right answer or, if you still think yours is the only one, you may yet learn something from the ideas and opinions of others. If you make your opinion known but remain receptive to those of others, you will achieve the best possible results. Decisions made today wont necessarily have long-term effects.

Are you feeling a little topsy-turvy today, Pisces? If todays topic seems like, The Strange Case of the End of Civilization As We Know It, youre obviously in way over your head. Either your perception is out of whack, or things are truly up for grabs. Just push the button and see what happens. You may just hear a fizzle, or the new world -- if there is one -- could be exactly the same as the old one. Youll learn how to judge the strength of your perceptions, and you may also benefit from taking a risk, despite messages saying that you should avoid doing so. If the end result is an explosion, dance in the flames.

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