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Daily horoscopes
27th February 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Theres a lot going on today, Aries, and you are in the middle of it all. There may not be enough hours in the day to squeeze in all of your plans or projects! Try to prioritize as best you can in order to meet deadlines. Request the help of others if you start to feel too overwhelmed. The Moon in Sagittarius heightens your innate sense of adventure and love of action. Try something you have never done before. How can you go wrong? Take a new route home from work or ask a friend to go to a new restaurant for lunch. Be the first one to discover something new.

Your stubbornness comes to the forefront today, Taurus, but it isnt necessarily a bad thing. Being Bullheaded protects you from unwanted change, but you may anger others in the process. Try to keep a balance between standing your ground and being too pushy. Your attitude puts out someones fire. Be careful when dealing with big egos at the office. Try not to step on anyones toes, especially when it concerns an important project. If a deal threatens to fall apart, keep an eye on it in case it turns into something better. Tonight, spend time in the company of friends.

With the Moon leaving Sagittarius, youll be a good person to be around. When your friends and family come to you with questions, you have all the answers. You will be able to use your wit and intelligence to the benefit of many at this time. What you do will affect others, and vice versa. Remember to keep the lines of communication open. Remain open to what you may be hearing from a partner, you may become closer and understand each other a bit better. Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. Preaching wont get you anywhere with a younger family member. Its best to teach by example, rather than words.

The time has come for you to stop taking care of everyone else and look out for yourself for a change, Cancer. Watch you health! Your energy level may be low, so listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Its a good time to start an exercise program or diet. Sign up at a gym or set up an alternate exercise schedule. Try not to skip any details. The Crab is usually cautious, but now might be an exception. Consult with a nutritionist or doctor, or do some research at the library, a health store or on the Internet. Joining a support group may be the motivation you need to get started.

Get out and enjoy the day, Leo. The Moon is leaving Sagittarius, and you have the urge to do something fun and new. Take the day off work, or leave early, if possible. You are drawn to big events -- fairs, concerts, openings, forums. Joining in group activities will lift your sprits even higher. Others can see your splendid history mirrored in your eyes. Romance is in the air. Dont be surprised if you gain the attention of a secret admirer. Look for new possibilities and relationships in every aspect of your life. Follow up on a promising response to your personal ad.

As the Moon leaves Sagittarius, you may have to fight feelings of resentment. Go with the flow for the next couple of days, especially when dealing with family or unexpected catastrophes around the house. You may be the only one who can fix the problem, so try to be patient. You may feel obligated to finish something, so try looking at it as an adventure, and youll be able to get through it. Rushing ahead wont solve anything. Make sure you get it right the first time, or you could spend needless time and energy doing it all over again. Tonight, relax around the house.

Today you could be of great help to others who need your undivided attention. Reaching out to friends should be easy at this time. Be sure not to over-criticize someone who doesnt know any better. Preaching is never the right way to get your point across -- the best way to teach someone is by example. People are responsive, and you may be interested in expanding your horizons and learning new things. Express your ideas with confidence, and you may be financially rewarded. Going to a large event could improve your social circle. Intellectual connections can be made!

Try not to let yourself get caught up in the moment, Scorpio. Today there may be Much Ado About Nothing as you are caught up in a crowd scene or some momentary fad. Avoid impulse buying and overspending. Be sure not to spend all your money in one place. Be careful when taking risks, especially when it isnt your idea in the first place. Retain your sense of perspective by learning how things are done elsewhere. Put yourself in someone elses shoes before you pass any judgments. Sometimes there is more than one correct way of doing things.

This is your lucky day, Sagittarius. The Moon is moving through your house, and all is right with your world. Everything goes your way, almost as if divine influence was made to order. You are able to do exactly what you want, with results that surpass expectations. This is a great day to present your ideas to your boss or persuade a partner around to your way of thinking. Explore the possibilities of this situation while it lasts. Tonight, you are the center of attention, so go out on the town and celebrate your popularity. Invite plenty of friends to join the party.

There may be a pull within you, causing you to be a bit irritated. If you feel yourself being pulled in two different directions, take a minute to explore the conflict. Idealistic plans may not seem realistically possible, but toned down, you will be able to achieve what you want with a little perseverance. This may be a good time to set up some personal limitations. If you are finding it difficult to have your cake and eat it, too, the time might be right to look at your priorities. Make sure you consider the feelings of loved ones when planning for the future.

It may actually be possible for you to be in two places at once today, Aquarius! Today finds you in love with the concept of multiplicity. Your mind is everywhere at once, and your body would follow if it werent having so much fun in its present location. The alternative to cloning yourself is to use this expansive mood for firming up your social schedule. Multitasking will come easily to you, so taking on new projects wont be a problem. Remember to keep track of deadlines. Tonight, organize a party or an outing with friends. Include people of all personality types and backgrounds.

Think before speaking! You may be ready to let all your feelings out into the open and expand your vocabulary doing it, but others, especially an authority figure, may not be ready for you! Be very aware of your thoughts before they come spilling out of your mouth. Dont say anything you will regret later. It might be best to spend as much time as possible alone in your office. You may have conflicts later in the day over doing whats right versus whats easy. Dont take the shortcut if you arent prepared to face the music.

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