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Daily horoscopes
26th February 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Believe it or not, patience can be exciting. Theres a certain amount of mystery in waiting for the other shoe to drop. Take comfort in your authoritative grasp of all the possibilities. Youre bouncing off the walls, to the delight of others. Bring all that buoyant energy under control and find a target for it. Physical exercise is a good substitute, if you lack a creative outlet. The Sagittarius Moon reconnects you with your body. No feat is impossible, and no sensation is ignored. Once youve finished admiring your own strength, start putting it to good use.

It might be best to just accept the position you are in today, Taurus. Making waves could result in a lot of negative feedback. There could be a power struggle today, so avoid direct confrontations -- unless you like a good debate! Get on with your job -- it will be worth it in the end. Avoid taking financial risks. Depend on facts and research rather than luck and intuition when making any sort of investments. Try to look below the surface of things, especially when meeting new people. First impressions may be misleading. A philosophical debate could end up changing your opinion on an important topic.

Today all gray areas will give way to either black or white. There is no in-between, as far as you are concerned. The Moon is moving through Sagittarius, and this is a time of extremes. Try to pay some extra attention to your personal life. Understanding your partners needs could mean the difference between staying together or growing apart. Partnerships are formed by finding that delicate balance of what is needed by both. At work, concentrate on working out a problem no one else has been able to solve. You will be especially perceptive and knowledgeable. The outcome will be up to you

Who says you always have to be the life of the party, Cancer? You will feel like blending in with the crowd today, hoping nobody notices you -- particularly your boss! After tomorrow, things will improve think about the next project you plan to work on. A problem in your social life could put you in a foul mood later in the afternoon. Make sure you take the time to clear up any possible misunderstandings before they ruin your plans for the evening. Try not to let your selfishness spoil someone elses good time. There is plenty to go around. Share your toys and play nice!

With the Moon in Sagittarius, Leo becomes the consummate hunter in search of big game. You could play at romance, world travel or creativity. All eyes are on you, and you love the attention. You may have to do some sweet talking to get out of an argument with a jealous partner. Try to explain your feelings without making the situation worse! Try to put yourself in their shoes -- its hard to be in the shadow of someone as popular as you, Leo. Try to be modest, but enjoy your day in the sun. If the paparazzi began to stalk you with cameras and autograph books, you would hardly be surprised.

Career problems come to the forefront today, so be prepared to deal with some unpleasant issues at the office. Tensions have been mounting regarding a certain project youre in charge of, so make sure you have all your facts straight for your defense. It might be a good idea to work from home today -- tempers could be short at the office, and your boss may be in a bad mood. They might not appreciate how neat your desk is for once! After you take care of those unpleasant responsibilities at work, its time to have some fun! Do something daring for a change.

Youll never get what you want if you are afraid to ask for it, Libra. Now is a good time to express your ideas and desires. Even if they are idealistic or far fetched at all, responses will be good. Dont be afraid to reach for the stars. You will be clear and convincing, and everyone will be impressed with your intellectual approach! This is a good time to return phone calls youve been putting off. You wont have any problems finding the right words to say to people who usually intimidate you. Tonight, take a friend on an adventure.

Other peoples money -- taxes, investments or inheritance -- will be an issue for you. Pay close attention to fine print and legal terms. Make sure you take the time to do research before making any financial investments. Avoid giving out financial advice, especially to family members. Try to stick to your personal budget, if possible. Dont buy anything on impulse. Make sure its not your treat at lunchtime with coworkers they may forget your generosity in the future. Giving loans to friends and family members may be a bad idea. Tonight, be prepared to be pursued by a mysterious stranger.

You should be able to accomplish whatever you set your mind to, Sagittarius. This is definitely a time for abundance and amplified energy for you! The Moon is in your own Sign, reinforcing all that is Sagittarian in you. You can get an extremely impressive amount of stuff done! Dont try to take on too much at once, though. Choose quality over quantity when faced with hard-to-meet deadlines. After you finish your work, you may want to think about getting away from the hectic pace for a while. Plan a vacation with a friend or family member. Go somewhere warm and soak up the sun!

You may have been going at a quick pace lately, Capricorn, but things are about to slow down temporarily. You may feel limited or restricted in some way, so dont try to take on too much, otherwise you will achieve very little. Use this time to accomplish routine or mundane tasks. Adding some structure to your everyday routine could be just what you need in order to accomplish those boring tasks. Try to take joy in the little things in life. Small pleasures can sometimes be the most satisfying ones. Smile when you dont feel like it. Give someone a compliment.

Youve been working on a great idea, but so far youve been too afraid to show it to anyone. Today is a time to let your ideas be known to others. As usual, they may be pretty way out, but will certainly be what nobody else has thought of. You may gain the instant respect of your boss and coworkers by unveiling your secret masterpiece. You may be able to possibly use your idea as a solution to an ongoing problem. Look for new ways to improve communication with friends and family members. Be willing to accept new members into your exclusive social circle. Tonight, join in a group outing.

Try not to be too overwhelmed today. You may have a lot on your agenda, but if you take it one step at a time you should be able to achieve many things. Its okay if you dont finish everything --just do your best and be proud of what you are able to accomplish in the time given. Your boss may have other ideas, though! use your persuasiveness to bring them around to your way of thinking. Tonight, do something out of the ordinary. Meeting new people could lead to an improved social life. Romance blossoms where you least expect it.

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