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Daily horoscopes
25th February 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

This might not be the best day to play with others, Aries! Try to keep your conversation light and your hands to yourself. Dont start something with someone if you arent prepared to finish it. You could offend someone who will turn out to be a formidable opponent. Make sure you can take it as well as you can dish it out. You have enough trouble already without looking for more. Pay attention to subliminal messages that may be floating around. With the Moon in Scorpio, your intuition is strong right now. Dont be afraid to take the advice of your inner voices.

Try not to be so into yourself, Taurus. Loved ones may need your attention, but if you are too self absorbed, you wont notice their pleas. Relationships are investments that you must protect. Maintain the status quo through open lines of communication. The less attention you pay now, the more it will cost you later. Deep emotions may come out in an intense discussion. Dont be afraid to address a loved ones fears. You may be in for a passionate evening, so be ready for anything. Dont let petty jealousy spoil the mood. Surprises come at a much-needed time.

You are a searchlight sweeping across a darkened landscape, picking out details that others have missed. Concentrate on the needs of others for a change, Gemini. Set aside your own longings for a while. Being of service to the elderly could be a great learning experience. Put your brain power to use for the common good. Keep your head up and your eyes open -- you may gain insight into a topic that has been interesting you lately. Do some research into another culture or geographic location. Much can be learned from far away lands. Tonight, slow down the pace.

Your mind and your sprit meld into one great being. The Moon has moved into Scorpio, releasing you from all those negative feelings. Express yourself through physical and creative action. Whether or not you call yourself an artist, there is undeniable emotional power in the things you create. A new experience could open your eyes to a whole new world. Transformation happens unexpectedly. Have some fun this evening. Include family members and children into your plans the more the merrier! Playing games and letting loose could be just what the doctor ordered.

There may be some conflict regarding material possessions, Leo. Ownership issues get a little sticky. Watch out for a friend or family member who is only looking out for their own needs or desires. Trust your intuition when dealing with strangers. Someone is overly insistent on procedure in an attempt to protect their rights. Explore all options -- surely this isnt your only choice. Stand back and wait for a better opportunity. Spend your free time shopping for something to make your house a brighter place. Take along a friend whose opinion and sense of style you trust.

This is a great day to poke your head out from under the covers and make new friends. Your communication skills are at their best, and starting conversations should come easily. You form a powerful alliance with someone who shares your values. All the right things begin to happen with great speed and precision. The only imperfection is your hunger for more of the same. Try to break free from your normal, somewhat boring routine. Variety is the spice of life. Eat at a new restaurant or explore a different part of the city. Take in all the beautiful surroundings!

Money works best when you use it as a tool rather than see it as a symbol. Your greatest assets are intangible things outside the realm of commerce. Search your soul as youre setting your goals, yet keep them practical and your hopes realistic. You may be feeling selfish, but dont give in to it. Instead, translate the impulse into a signal to take care of some of your needs. How long has it been since you booked a massage, took a weekend drive or went to a concert youd love to hear? Youll be a better companion if youre having fun -- and why not share it?

This is the perfect day to act on a whim and break free from convention, Scorpio! Go off and have a big adventure. Grab a friend or two and take to the open road. You dont have to have any specific plans -- not knowing whats going to happen next is part of the fun. Being spontaneous could lead you to something youve been lacking in your life. Remember that all the great explorers were not necessarily conquerors. Become a part of something rather than turning it into a part of you. Tonight, take along a map and drive off into the sunset!

Every so often its okay to step out of character, Sagittarius. The Moon is in Scorpio, and some strange changes are on the horizon. You are not your usual self today, but that doesnt mean you wont be back to normal tomorrow. Dreams perplex or persecute you, and people are looking at you oddly. Avoid mirrors, or you may get lost in one. Feeling moody may work to your advantage. Use it as an excuse to explore parts of your mind you are normally afraid to go to. Let your thoughts wander. Daydreaming can be constructive if you let it. Tonight, spend time creating your masterpiece.

Dont hold your breath, or your moment of glory will pass you by, Capricorn! Everything is going so well that you cant help being a little speechless. You definitely wont feel alone. Dont be afraid to ask for help. Friends and associates come instantly to your aid on important matters. You are surrounded by friends who want whats best for you. This is a perfect time to make decision about upcoming events. Your future looks bright at the moment. Try to be objective when someone asks for your opinion. Organize a group outing for tonight.

If youve been feeling down about yourself, today will help perk you up a bit, Aquarius. The Moon is in Scorpio, and you are on the verge of several changes. Major improvements are just around the corner. You feel guilty being the recipient of the good that comes out of something bad. This would be the perfect moment for a good discussion -- if you only had the time. Try to slow down the pace before you wear yourself out. If you feel a need to be active, join in a group activity where the pressure to succeed wont be entirely on you.

With the Moon in Scorpio, your compassion for others comes into the forefront. Your flurry of altruistic behavior continues. Groups, institutions and individuals benefit from your focus. Volunteering for a good cause will make you feel more at peace. Set a plan to help others less fortunate than you into motion. The bigger your audience, the easier it is to share your dream. You are unstoppable when it comes to your vision. Going somewhere new could lift the weight of the world off your shoulders for a while. Accept an invitation to travel, even if its only around the block.

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