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Daily horoscopes
16th February 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

With the Moon in Scorpio, you have some real issues with sharing. Even if others irritate you, dont let your feelings affect the way you treat your coworkers and associates. Your snippy behavior could have a domino effect on the general order of things. An action you take to assert yourself may be mistaken for aggression. For the sake of peace and smooth sailing at the office, resolve all differences as soon as possible. At home, be considerate of others, and be careful not to hog communal belongings.

You may find yourself swept up and carried away on a wave of impulsive behavior. The word moderation is not in your vocabulary. Excesses of appetite, endurance and emotion feel great, but take a minute to consider the consequences of any rash action. You will eventually pay for overindulgence, maybe as soon as tomorrow, so think twice before you do anything that feels a little crazy. Remember, a moments pleasure usually takes longer to pay for than to enjoy. Be especially considerate of the feelings of work associates, friends and family members.

Other people, even if they want to be of service, simply might not have the solutions you need. Take any advice with a grain of salt. Dont be afraid to trust your gut feeling, instead of listening to the opinion of those around you. Pay attention to details in a crowded room, because the answer may be right in front of you all the time. Dont take things at face value. A familiar product may be improperly labeled, so be sure to use your skills of observation carefully.

Your job today is to romance and enlighten the world. Happily, you have the talent and the beguiling nature to do so. You find it so easy, its almost childs play. By trading on commonly accepted hopes and images, you can befriend even the grouchiest, most antisocial people. Selfless ideals and altruistic ambition make you beautiful in the eyes of all who behold you. Of course, you wont forget to take a little bit of time to have some fun, in between all of your good deeds.

It is hard to trust someone who claims to be teaching you a lesson for your own good. Individuals who behave in a sanctimonious manner are not usually the saints they believe themselves to be. Everyone has ulterior motives, if you scratch deep enough below the surface. A self-serving individual should be exposed and asked to leave. In family matters, focus on healing divisions instead of creating more. Sometimes its as easy as lightening up and having fun with the ones you love.

Express yourself in every way that you can, Virgo. You will be equally eloquent in both the written and spoken word. Parsing among all of the ideas that come out, youll find some clever insights and new questions that will expand your understanding of yourself and the world around you. When you share the details with others, they will be dazzled. Combine your thirst for intellectual stimulation with exercise for a perfect day. A brisk walk while conversing with a friend may do the trick.

Your place in the community may rely too much on appearances and not enough on substance. Its all right to enjoy superficial things, as long as you also have something in your life that gives you a feeling of accomplishment. Is there something youve always wanted to try, but been afraid of doing? Perhaps you have a secret desire to read Proust, or to go back to school. This may be the time to get started. Begin reinventing yourself with a day of total honesty between you and your partner. Trust yourself, and everything else will follow.

Just like Lewis and Clark before you, You are the map maker, exploring a place Where the streets have no name. The world is yours to define and shape, and you have the vision and the energy to do it. Others are sure to be drawn to your sense of confidence, and will view your fun as an act of courage. You will surely have many followers on the trails you are blazing. As will all great leaders, you may encounter jealousy. A little consideration of other peoples feelings will avoid this.

A spark of spontaneity lights up a day of plodding routine. Deliberately misunderstand someones words or actions if you think theres a good joke in it. Perspective is always important. Remember to put things into the context of the bigger picture. An issue that seems large and looming today may mean nothing in the greater scheme of things. Try to minimize drama, especially since it may be of no consequence tomorrow. Its nice to have an introspective, spiritual side, but balance it out with a little frivolity.

An old idea is given an electric jolt by a fresh approach. You may be the person to pick up the ball and run with it. Your efforts will not go unnoticed or unrewarded. When you think that innovation is a thing of the past, think again. Sometimes all it takes is a new perspective. Demonstrate your politics without explaining them. Nobody likes a blowhard, and anyone can spout the party line, but how many people follow through? Actions are far more convincing than empty words and false promises.

Certain things can no longer be taken for granted. Just because something has always been done in a certain way, this does not mean that the status quo will continue. Order and excellence fall victim to slipping standards. Make sure that you do not fall into sloppy habits, just because no one is paying attention and work ethics may be falling through the cracks. This temporary lapse will not last for long. The system may be failing, but at least you can still count on the human factor.

Today is one of those rare times when all seems right with the world. Everything pleases you. Simple tasks and ideas resonate with deep meaning and great importance. Small acts are appreciated more than usual. You find hidden strength and serenity that you didnt know you had. If you feel this way about the mundane, imagine what will happen if you find an activity that you enjoy even under normal conditions.

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