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New news - 6th August 2011
The last new site news was on 5th april 2004 and before that it was on 17th october 2001.

The last 2 occasions I have updated the news I have said I was remaking the site, I came close on at least 4 to 5 occasions over the years but always ended up giving up before the end.

It was and is a extremly hard site to maintain and for a site thats been up 12-13 years now its not too bad but in early days I was getting so much trafic it was unreal. It was about 20 thousand to 30 thousand visitors a day I had mailing lists going out to over 100 thousand people which was not bad for 1999 to 2001 levels.
I give it up as I was more intrested in playing games like eve online, at first I give up doing my daily/weekly updates and then at some point I even give up caring if stuff was working but with many server moves in the early years I lost alot of scripts or they got corrupted and I could not be bothered to keep setting them up for new configs.

The truth is I never cared because at the time it still had loads of visitors rolling in and infact was getting more traffic due to amount of people coming on the internet so I never cared to fix the site except on an odd occasion over the years even as I saw the traffic dwindle down to 3-5% of its max.
I know I will never get as many visitors as I used too, and now I changed the site there is chance I will get even less due to search engines updating new content but it was one unfinished thing I had to do.

If you had never been to this site before and your intrested I'd reccomend searching for the tool called *way back machine* and seeing how bad it looked before this update.

Anyway to cut a long story short I finally made new layout, no new content but I have relinked content thats not seen light of day for over 10 years, It took me a solid 30+ hours over 2 days to complete it and I did feel like giving up.

I won't fix many of the broken things on the site, I also realised how little content some parts have yet attracted many people over years and I guess if I was to start making pages again I think I would make a new site and in fact already bought the domain simply because I think a .com is better going forward that a

If your intrested to know more please use the contact me link.

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